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New Connectors in Matillion Data Loader: Greenplum and Magento


Just a few weeks after we announced a new batch of six connectors in Matillion Data Loader, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added two more connectors. This brings our total number of Matillion Data Loader connectors to 36! We’ve added our most popular data source connectors to Matillion Data Loader, and continued to add integrations based on your feedback in our community and other customer interactions. 


Matillion Data Loader is a no-cost, code-free way to extract your data from multiple data sources and load it into your cloud data warehouse or data lake. All Matillion Data Loader connectors have the same or similar functionality to those in our Matillion ETL products. 


Now available: Two new connectors


Once again, we are bringing highly requested connectors for Matillion ETL into Matillion Data Loader, both supporting open-source platforms. The new connectors are:



We’re happy to continue to support open-source data platforms with Matillion Data Loader with support for Greenplum, which supports Massively Parallel Processing for Postgres. Greenplum is specifically designed to manage large-scale analytic data warehouses and business intelligence workloads.



We’ve also added a connector for Magento, a popular open-source ecommerce platform written in PHP. Magento combines drag-and-drop site-building tools, fulfillment, inventory and purchasing, and analytics into one retail platform. 

Watch this space for more upcoming Matillion Data Loader connectors


We continue to develop and add new connectors to Matillion Data Loader and will have more to share soon. Check back here on the blog for more connector announcements. 


In the meantime, you continue to be our best resource for new connector ideas and Matillion Data Loader features.  If you would like to request new connectors or features, add it to our Ideas Portal. 


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