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New Connectors in Matillion Data Loader: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Mailchimp, Shopify, and More


As we round into autumn here at Matillion, we’re happy to announce a new batch of connectors for Matillion Data Loader. We decided to roll out these new connectors based on your feedback and business goals, and hope they enable your organizations to move faster and do more with your data.

Matillion Data Loader is a no-cost, code-free way to extract your data from multiple data sources and load it into your cloud data warehouse or data lake. All Matillion Data Loader connectors have the same or similar functionality to those in our Matillion ETL products. 


Now available: Six new connectors!

Once again, we are bringing some of our most popular connectors for Matillion ETL into Matillion Data Loader. The new connectors are:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

With the new connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you can load the latest intelligent sales information to help strengthen relationships and act with agility.



The Mailchimp connector helps bring in audience data from across marketing channels to help you visualize data and enhance insight. 


Bing Search 

Now you can bring Bing Search data, including web, video, image and news search data, for use in trend analytics and more. 


QuickBooks Online

The new QuickBooks Online connector enables you to bring your accounting data from your QuickBooks Online account into your cloud data warehouse or data lake to maximise and leverage insight from your data.



Use the Shopify connector at no cost to bring ecommerce data, including point-of-sale data, customer information, store and inventory data, and more, into the cloud to accelerate your data discovery journey.


Zendesk Talk

Load Zendesk voice call data into the cloud with the new Zendesk Talk data connector so you can spot opportunities for improved customer service and operational efficiency. 


Watch this space for more upcoming Matillion Data Loader connectors.

We continue to develop and add new connectors to Matillion Data Loader and will have more to share soon. Check back here on the blog for more connector announcements. 

In the meantime, you continue to be our best resource for new connector ideas and Matillion Data Loader features.  If you would like to request new connectors or features, add it to our Ideas Portal. 


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