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New on Matillion Academy: Working with the Matillion API


Manual processing for ETL workflows can delay or stall crucial projects required for competitive enterprise data goals. In a recent IDG survey, 45 percent of respondents cited a lack of a scalable, reliable technology platform to process large data sets as a top challenge for getting data analytics products to production; 38 percent said they have too many manual processes, and 36 percent cited difficulties cleansing and preparing data as barriers. The Matillion ETL API is designed to help alleviate these challenges, to make it easier to interact with and extend the functionality of the platform, perform high-volume data transfers, and automate interactions with Matillion ETL.

Now, you can learn more about the Matillion API and the many ways it can work for your business and your data with a new Matillion Academy course: Working with the Matillion API

This course is a self-paced guide for you to use this feature in your Matillion ETL instances. Feel free to follow along in the Matillion ETL platform of your choice.

Matillion API best practices and common use cases

The Matillion API helps to orchestrate various tasks within Matillion ETL that help teams collaborate, save time, and speed development. There are several ways to execute an Orchestration Job using the Matillion API, depending on your requirements and your ETL workflow.

If you’re unsure why you’d need the Matillion API, commonly teams use it to: 

  • Run Matillion jobs –very helpful if you have an external scheduler that makes API calls.  
  • Exporting information – With the Matilllion API, you can export your task history of jobs and Matillion audit information. This is a great way to analyze the metadata from Matillion. 
  • Export and import user configuration –  A helpful, automated way to maintain users.
  • Update or create Matillion schedules – The Matillion API is a great way for updating/creating schedules when migration is automated and completed outside of Matillion.

Become a Matillion API master

In our Matillion Academy course, you will learn the basic functionality around the Matillion API, common error codes and status codes, and more. Take the latest certification course on Matillion Academy to learn how to use Matillion APIs for common scenarios such as: 

  • Executing Matillion Jobs via Postman
  • Schedules – export, import, delete
  • Exporting task history via cURL
  • Exporting and importing User Configuration via cURL
  • Auditing data with the Matillion API Query Profile

Please note: prior to getting started, we suggest that you review our articles on Getting Started with Postman and Getting Started with cURL

The majority of this course will be referencing cURL commands, but feel free to try these options out with Postman or your favorite GUI product.

Get started on this course today.