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NEW: Quickly Launch Matillion ETL via Databricks Partner Connect



Looking to quickly and simply integrate and transform your data in the Databricks environment? Databricks customers can now launch Matillion ETL via Databricks’ Partner Connect program. With Matillion’s award-winning integration, data teams and other data users  can experience one seamless environment for all data workflows with Matillion’s data loading, transformation and orchestration capabilities running on Delta Lake for Databricks. And it just takes a few steps using Matillion’s low-code/no-code platform.


You can speed up  the value your data teams provide by helping data projects move faster, improving efficiency with repeatable, no-code processes, and automating complex workflows with Matillion’s end-to-end ELT capabilities.


Simple and secure ingestion


Matillion lets you land data from virtually any data source into the Bronze layer in Delta Lake with code-free pipelines that are secure out of the box:

  • Connect to 100+ data sources with our extensive inventory of pre-built connectors
  • Create new, custom connectors to any data source in minutes without writing a single line of code
  • Land data using  pipelines that adhere to the security requirements you have in place. Matillion ETL deploys in your VPC; your data never resides in the Matillion platform, so  your sensitive information never leaves your environment.


Fast and powerful transformations


With Matillion ETL, you can do more than just build data pipelines and create Bronze Layer tables in Delta Lake. Our enterprise-ready platform enables you to take that raw data and transform it into useful, analytics-ready data that lives in the Silver and Gold Layers:

  • Leverage the power and speed of Databricks with Matillion’s push-down capabilities, which abstract the complexity of Spark-based SQL, Python, or Scala
  • Take advantage of our architecture that uses Databricks clusters for optimal price performance
  • Automate and scale the cleansing, joining, and aggregation of your data with our pre-built drag-and-drop tools


Deliver useful data faster with Matillion on Databricks Partner Connect


Matillion ETL is now even easier to deploy thanks to integration with Databricks Partner Connect. Click here to get started.

Get started

Join us for a virtual hands-on lab


July 14, 2022


Want a guided tour of Matillion ETL on Databricks? Join Matillion and Databricks for a virtual hands-on lab. During this instructor-led, 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn how Matillion ETL and the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform allow enterprise data teams to share data, collaborate more effectively, and deliver powerful business insights, faster. Click here to learn more and to register.

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