SaaS and its Impact on Cloud BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • September 17, 2013

SaaS-Impact-Cloud-BICloud BI is bringing benefits to businesses in many different ways. When delivered in a SaaS platform, the synergy created can impact a business and positively change the future of the business.

The role of Cloud BI has been well documented in blogs and articles. When it comes to business intelligence in general, Jayson DeMers (@jaysondemers) says in this piece, “A large part of making the right business decisions is having adequate information to spot underlying patterns. You need to base decisions on concrete data rather than a hunch. One of the best ways to acquire this data is through business intelligence”

Additionally a post on GigaOM states “Businesses are developing new products from their insights, creating new revenue streams and even transforming their culture to be data-driven.”

It is clear that companies can use business intelligence to their advantage. However it is not always easy as this report suggests, “Business Intelligence use is still limited. One reason for this is that BI software has been difficult to use and to implement.”

One way to tackle the adoption and implementation success of business intelligence is through Cloud BI.

Some of the worlds largest businesses are using the cloud and these include Adobe, Microsoft, Google and more. Even healthcare companies and banks are now moving to the cloud because of the benefits involved.

Alternatively when coupled with SaaS there is the benefit of software delivered on a plate. This article sums it up neatly “SaaS vendors offer the enticement of lower deployment costs, with access to software on a subscription basis.”

The benefits of SaaS and Cloud BI include the fact the service is designed, managed and maintained by the vendor, which this post says is the way to provide a ‘significant return on investment.’

Additionally, Cloud BI also tackles an issue with traditional BI failures. Ed Burns (@EdBurnsTT) states here “The main reason for underperformance (of many BI projects) is the IT-business disconnect that still exists in many companies.”

With Cloud BI delivered this way it is typically more user friendly and made available directly to the business users allowing them to get at what they need when they need it.

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