SaaS BI: The Future of Business Intelligence

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • December 13, 2013

SaaS-BI-Future-Business-IntelligenceFor those unfamiliar with the term, SaaS BI might sound like some character from an ‘80s cop show, an officer with a larger than life persona and flared jeans. SaaS BI doesn’t quite have the flared jeans or groovy disco music, but it is certainly something you should consider if you want intelligent access to your information with a system to suit your needs. SaaS BI stands for ‘Software as a Service Business Intelligence’. It means you pay for a software solution but instead of owning it and running it yourself, someone else does both, letting your organisation get on with the real tasks it should be focusing on.

Why SaaS BI?

Familiar with the term and what it means, you’ll want some cohesive reasons to move your business intelligence to the next level – here are just some why SaaS BI is delighting organisations like yours.

  • Endless software updating? Paying huge amounts to expand licensing?  With SaaS BI, you pay for a service that includes a set number of users and, if you want to expand your user base, the pricing is more scalable. In addition to this, as you are paying for a service, that service is kept up-to-date for you. All the latest software roll-outs are implemented for you on a regular basis.
  • Slow service and lack of infrastructure? With SaaS BI, this is simply not an issue. You will be supported by a company that lives and breathes the service. It will provide high QoS levels and maintain a superb and scalable infrastructure that adapts as your business requires – neither before nor after.
  • Overpaying for what you don’t need? Software as a Service means you only need to pay for what you require, not what you might have needed when you started implementing a new system.

Short & Long-Term Benefits of SaaS BI

In the short term, SaaS BI offers cost and business savings, first, by reducing the investment in infrastructure. Second, it reduces the workload for those individuals within the business who would otherwise be spending the entirety of their days configuring software and testing systems. In the long term, there are even more cost savings as the infrastructure will always be up to date. Your software will be kept at the latest version with no testing or updates required – all this will be seamlessly done and gently migrated. Users will only notice the enhancements, not the downtime or bugs that should have been fixed months ago. SaaS BI is the future of business intelligence for companies looking to push through their limits. It makes sure such firms keep up with trends and use the very latest tools to reach decisions based upon facts and figures, not guesses and opinions.

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