Sales Analysis in BI – A Must Have for 2014

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • November 25, 2013

Sales-Analysis-A-Must-Have-for-2014Over the last few years you may have heard how important sales analysis and BI dashboards are to your business. There are reasons behind all of this buzzing and that’s because it is critical for businesses – and those who do choose to ignore it – will get left behind.

Sales Analysis a Top Priority?

According to the Society for Information Management business intelligence systems and analytics are the top priority for budget investments as these businesses aim to get a competitive advantage. Sales analysis tools are a key component of many business intelligence systems that can help you gain that stronghold in the market.

Furthermore, a study by Howard Dresner recently found that BI initiatives are more likely to be driven by executive management and the sales function. This backs the notion that the use of sales analysis in business intelligence systems can tell you what is happening in your business and give you the insight you need for better decision making. With better and faster sales analysis, you can experience the difference between a less than expected revenue report and highly successful year end results.

User Driven Sales Analysis

For sales analysis to be successfully adopted and prove benefits, it must be used at all levels of the organisation. Not just at director level. IT and finance must not be the only powers users and one way to tackle this is by giving other departments such as sales the ability to create and modify their own reports and dashboards and this can be done quite easily with sales analysis – given the right tool. Self service BI is one of these options and can provide a user with the tools necessary to make better and faster sales analysis.

Mobile BI for Sales Analysis

Mobile BI can be an important factor to how successful sales analysis is a given business. If a user accesses their data and reports via an intuitive and user friendly mobile front end it will allow the user to make more informative decisions in less time. Moreover, they will also be able to get it on the move. Just about to head into a meeting? No problem. Delayed on the tube? No problem. Mobile sales analysis has it covered.

Here are just a few reasons why and how sales analysis will be crucial to businesses in 2014. For more information of how sales analysis can assist your company, register for our webinar below.