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Snowflake’s IPO: Momentum in the cloud continues to snowball



As one of nine Snowflake Elite Status partners, we’re thrilled to celebrate Snowflake’s successful IPO and the accompanying recognition of growing cloud adoption. Snowflake topped the list of fastest-growing business applications by usage last year, which is no small feat. We are excited to share that success by empowering joint customers like Slack and DocuSign on their quest to accelerate analytics in the cloud. By allowing teams to efficiently load and transform data in real-time while seamlessly scaling compute and storage on-demand, the combination of Snowflake and Matillion ETL sets itself apart from other cloud data platforms and gained impressive momentum across the enterprise segment.

This success is largely driven by the competitive environment businesses find themselves in today. To get the most from their data, companies need to implement a modern data integration and management approach to uncover insights and act on them – fast. A recent survey highlighted rapid time to value as the primary objective of most analytics projects. Yet making data available for insights is still a barrier for 90 percent of enterprise organizations surveyed.

At Matillion, we understand this pain well. It is our singular mission to help enterprises transform their data into analytics-ready assets in the cloud. Snowflake’s technology and zero-management philosophy make it a natural partner to drive fast and easy transformations which help businesses compete with data at scale. This includes such game-changing innovations as Snowflake’s native support for semi-structured data and cross-platform data sharing that deliver accelerated time to value for analytics teams of every size.

Matillion is proud to stand alongside Snowflake as an Elite Status partner, and a designated Snowflake Ready Technology Partner. We design products that maximize the value analytics teams get from their Snowflake investments across multiple cloud platforms while streamlining data engineering in multiple environments. Together, Matillion and Snowflake help companies like TUI and Cisco accelerate data transformation, improve performance and reliability, and reduce data workflow complexity.

Partnering for powerful data transformation

With a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner designation, you can be sure Matillion’s purpose-built cloud ETL for Snowflake adheres to best practices around performance, reliability, and security. As a Data Engineering partner, Matillion simplifies pipeline development and data management by enabling native push-down transformations directly into Snowflake, leveraging the platform’s speed and scale to help unlock faster insights for customers. By combining the power and performance of Snowflake’s data cloud platform with Matillion’s robust orchestration scheduling, enterprises can easily handle increasing data volumes while spending more time on innovation and less on hand-coding and data wrangling.

“We are happy to welcome Matillion to our Elite Status partnership level and recognize them as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner,” said Colleen Kapase, Snowflake VP Partners and Alliances. “Matillion’s data transformation capabilities, along with the power of Snowflake’s cloud data platform, enable our joint customers to consolidate and transform data sources to make better, more informed decisions.”

Driving results for the enterprise

Enterprises including Cisco, Slack, and DocuSign use Matillion ETL and Snowflake to cut down on development time, reduce ETL application spend, improve reporting with trusted data, and share analytics-ready datasets across their organizations.

Using Matillion ETL for Snowflake, data teams can solve for data integration and transformation challenges and provide business benefits including:

  • Modernize on storage platforms that integrate into cutting-edge data visualization solutions for faster, more powerful insights.
  • Deliver data democratization to breaking down silos with cloud centralization.
  • Unify fragmented reporting processes in the cloud to enhance collaboration among both in-person and distributed teams.

Watch this video to hear how DocuSign was able to reduce ETL run-time by up to 72% and improve the timeliness of their analytics reports from 22 hours down to just six.



A note from our CEO


“We are delighted to receive Elite Status partner distinction from Snowflake. Together, our technologies enable enterprises to compete and innovate with data, as evidenced by the cost-savings, flexibility, and speed that our joint customers experience,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO and founder of Matillion. “The news of Snowflake’s IPO underscores the demand for solutions that can deliver accelerated time to value, at scale and volume.”


Learn more about Matillion ETL and Snowflake together


We have many ebooks, blog posts, videos, case studies, and more dedicated to helping you get the most out of Snowflake with Matillion ETL. To learn more, take a look here.

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