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Study Up on Semi-Structured Data in Matillion Academy



You can be the go-to subject matter expert on Matillion ETL’s semi-structured data components when you take our newest course, “Working with semi-structured data” on Matillion Academy.


What is semi-structured data?

Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured are forms of data that can inform analytics inside of an enterprise. Structured data is formatted and transformed. Unstructured data is in its raw form and is challenging to process. Semi-structured data has elements of both structured and unstructured — there are some consistent and definite characteristics but it does not confine into a rigid structure. 

Examples of semi-structured data include XML, JSON, and NoSQL Databases. These data sources hold valuable insights for analytics but require the proper storage, orchestration, and transformation workflows to unlock that data for advanced use cases.

Semi-structured data amounts are increasing

IDC predicts that the torrent of semi-structured and unstructured data streaming in real time from IoT sensors and devices will more than quadruple the amount of data in the world in the next five years. 

Modern companies with a diverse set of data sources continue to collect more varieties of semi-structured data. This data needs to be stored in a data warehouse or data lake until you are ready to use it for analytics.

Learn how to work with different data components

Our newest course on Matillion Academy is “Working with semi-structured data,” for our products that support Snowflake and Google BigQuery. (Courses for Amazon Redshift and Delta Lake on Databricks are coming soon so stay tuned!)

This course is designed for Matillion ETL users who want to get the most out of the semi-structured data that their organizations collect, and want to learn more about the different semi-structured data components inside Matillion ETL.

It’s important to remember that semi-structured data components in Matillion are very specific to respective cloud data platforms, so make sure you follow along in the right product. In this self-paced training, you’ll get hands-on learning in Matillion ETL for Snowflake or Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery. Some experience working with semi-structured data is recommended but not required. 

Get started with our new course today on Matillion Academy.


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