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Team Green Unites in Manchester for Super All Hands 2020

We are almost completely recovered from Super All Hands 2020, a whirlwind event that united and aligned our entire company at the legendary Science and Industry Museum in Manchester.

There are many virtual opportunities for our employees to come together as a company to align ourselves with business strategies and learn company news from our executives and our peers. Once a week, every single Matillioner, from New York, Seattle, Denver, and Manchester meet via video conferencing to hear our CEO share what’s on his mind. Additionally, we hold monthly All Hands meetings to review company progress and important business updates. But there is truly nothing like having the entire company in the same place, at the same time, to truly connect all of us on Team Green. 

So why is our annual Super All hands so important to Matillioners? Here a few reasons we look forward to this event every year.


1. It aligns with our core values. 

The Matillion culture is built on innovation, quality, and a bias for action. Having all 200 employees in one space for two days generates so many new ideas, renews our focus on alignment and shared goals, and helps us remember that collaboration makes us a better company and a better team.

2. We build stronger relationships. 

We strongly believe in creating great working relationships with our fellow Matillioners and this event is a great chance for face time with colleagues located in other offices. You know, the ones who you may have late-night calls with or early morning Slack conversations but have never actually met! It also encourages collaboration across geographies and functions. Instead of the usual plastic name badges, we used reusable, electronic badges by Klik that lit up green when you interacted with another badge. During scheduled breaks, they flashed specific colors indicating a shared interest that another person had in common. This helped facilitate conversations and a way to get to know your coworkers on a personal level. The person with the most badge touches after the two-day event received Matillion branded AirPods.  But even if someone didn’t win, in a way, they still did because each badge interaction created a contact card inside the app that can be added right into their smartphone. 

The Super All Hands enables shared experiences with fun, social activities and the chance to make new memories. We even had 30 members of our company attend a Manchester United game while they were in town. 

3. We are as aligned as a bee. 

The theme of the 2020 Super All hands was alignment and it gave us all great focus on the year ahead. The motif of Manchester is the bee- found on the mosaic floor of Manchester Town Hall, on Boddingtons beer, scattered across all Matillion’s offices, and used as a gesture of solidarity. The bee became the motif of Super All Hands 2020 and we leaned into that analogy – committing to all working together in beautiful symphony across our teams, unlocking the powerful forces of each of our individual energies, with each of our particular skills and talents, to pull (and push) in the same direction and deliver on our shared goals. As our company continues to grow year over year, alignment is now table stakes for our business and we started the year off on the right track.

4. We explored our community 

It was incredible and somewhat of an honor for us to host the event in an iconic Manchester location – the Science and Industry Museum. As a technology company founded in Manchester, it was amazing to partner with a museum focused on Manchester’s innovative and technological past. The two-day event was packed with fun too – from a business challenges ideation session inspired by a trail around the museum to our very own Interim VP Product, Dave Langton, hosting his famous gameshows. 

5. Personal development opportunities were plentiful 

Matillion is all about the people. So we had plenty of opportunities to socialize, network, and gain some personal development. Our team learned from expert speakers about fantastic feedback, small changes we can make that will make a huge impact on our inclusive culture, how to improve personal productivity, and attended a mindfulness session from Breathworks. 


Keep up with #TeamGreen

We are feeling recharged and ready to take on 2020 and hope you’ll keep up with our journey. To view even more photos of our event, search #TeamGreen on LinkedIn. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Stack Overflow.

 If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to talk to you. Check us out our profiles on BuiltIn and Glassdoor. You can also arrange to visit our office for a tour and a coffee. Our open roles are listed here – make sure to bookmark and apply for a position you’re interested in.


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