Team Transform is ready for AWS re:Invent. Join us.

  • Julie Polito
  • November 25, 2019


There’s a lot that you want to do with your data. Bring it into the cloud. Transform it to make it ready for analytics. Democratize that data so it’s available to everyone in your organization, not just a select, highly technical few. Harness all of your data to gain better insights, in less time, to help your organization innovate and serve customers better. 

All of these things together are a tall order. A team effort. And we know just the team to help get the job done. Team Transform is here and coming to AWS re:Invent 2019.

AWS re:Invent

December 2-6

Las Vegas, NV

Booth 2804

Stop by the Matillion booth at AWS re:Invent to find out how Team Transform is helping to change the world with data, and how you can join us.

Who is Team Transform?

The solution architects, product engineers, sales force, and other teams across Matillion are definitely part of Team Transform. But Team Transform transcends Matillion to encompass our customers, partners, community, and you. Together we fight data silos, cumbersome ETL processes, and costly solutions to transform data and make it more available. The result? Faster insights, more innovation, organizational efficiencies, and a better world for everyone.

Organizations who want to move faster

Businesses who want a competitive edge need to move faster, use all of their valuable data, and be insight-driven from end to end. Moving data and their ETL process to the cloud is a giant step toward that goal. When customer performance improves, we all win. And their stories help us constantly strive to create a better product. 

Individuals who want to drive business value

Even a single employee can have a big business impact. Team Transform works to give individuals access to the data they need – for analytics, data visualization, for decision making – in less time, requiring less hassle. By spending less time coding or pulling together data sources, data teams and other non-technical users can spend more time on projects that make a business impact. 

A community that wants to make a difference in the way we live and work

Team Transform is about creating an ecosystem of data heroes in all walks of life who want to use data to tell better stories, find the right direction, and create lasting change. Together, we leverage the power of community to connect organizations with resources so that every organization can realize the power of the cloud.

Partners that are an integral part of a winning team

Partners play a huge role on Team Transform, helping customers implement solutions that transform their organization. We truly help each other find new organizations and help them realize the power of the cloud. 

Become part of Team Transform

All of the members of Team Transform will be at AWS re:Invent to meet, share ideas, and talk about solutions. If you’re going, come find us and join the team. We have lots of great things planned for the week. Be a part of it.