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Teamwork Commerce Provides Real-Time Analytics to Customers Using Matillion ETL and Google BigQuery


Many companies are making better, faster decisions with real-time analytics. However, real-time insight is still on the wish list for many other organizations. With an on-premises data architecture, the sheer volume of data to be collected, prepared, and analyzed – combined with the speed, scale, and cost limitations of the traditional data warehouse – means that real-time insights and decision making can be a challenge. But cloud data warehouses, combined with cloud-native data tools, are making real time a reality for companies like Teamwork Commerce.

Teamwork Commerce is a cloud-based, customizable suite of mobile retail apps that combines point-of-sale (POS), order management (OMS), and many integrations. Top retailers around the world use Teamwork apps to create an omnichannel experience, boost sales, and achieve frictionless commerce.

Meeting customer demand for real-time analytics


In addition to its suite of apps, Teamwork also provides analytics to its retail customers by retrieving POS data, analyzing it, and creating reports and insights. Teamwork wanted to provide these analytics in real time, which necessitated moving to a cloud data warehouse, Google BigQuery. The company needed a better way to load data into Google BigQuery and, in order to provide real-time insight, needed to be able to run data transformation jobs every 30 minutes.


Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery: Rapid implementation


After evaluating several ETL solutions, Teamwork chose Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery because it offered robust functionality at an attractive price. Teamwork implemented Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery in just three months, starting from when Teamwork began to educate itself on the Matillion product and ending with creating its own Shared Jobs. A team of two data engineers led the project.


Real-time data synching

Using Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery, Teamwork can now synch data between its Microsoft SQL Server and the Google BigQuery data warehouse in real time. The data team can also load data from other sources into the cloud data warehouse, and create and automate data workflows. The team can also run data transformation jobs every 30 minutes to satisfy the customers’ need for real-time analytics.



  • Accelerates data warehouse refreshes up to six times faster than previously possible.
  • Helps deliver real-time analytics to Teamwork’s customers without overloading the existing online transaction processing (OLTP) database.
  • Provides an intuitive user interface along with readily available documentation, examples, and best practices.
  • Provides reliable data delivery and shows when data will be available via dashboards.
  • Scales to support even the largest of Teamwork’s customers.


“We can refresh our data warehouse every 30 minutes, because Matillion is allowing us to run our data transformation six times faster than we would otherwise be able to.”

–Dmitri Solodovnik, BI Team Lead, Teamwork Commerce


Looking to accelerate data analytics?


If your company is looking to accelerate data analytics, Matillion ETL is purpose-built to take advantage of the speed and scale of cloud data warehouses. Request a demo to see how Matillion ETL can help your organization achieve faster time to insight.