The 5 Business Intelligence Rewards You Can Reap With Cloud BI

  • Richard Thelwell
  • May 19, 2014

Are you feeling underwhelmed by your current BI and reporting capabilities? Are you fully aware of the Business intelligence benefits that can easily be gained from a move to Cloud BI?

With such a wide array of different solutions on offer, choosing the right one for your company can be a daunting task. However, it is important that you remain resolute and gain a comprehensive insight into the pros and cons of the various tools that are on offer.

In this article we take a look at five of the amazing Business Intelligence benefits that can be gained with a Cloud BI solution such as Matillion.

1 Fast implementation

One of the major flaws of traditional Business Intelligence solutions is that they can take a painstaking amount of time to implement. Not only that, but even when this complex process has been completed, there is still up to a 70% chance that the project will fail. A long implementation period can put great strain on both the physical and financial resources of a business, detracting investment away from other areas of the company. And, as more time passes, enthusiasm for the project will surely diminish.

A much faster implementation period is one of the Business Intelligence benefits widely offered by Cloud BI vendors. At Matillion, for instance, we deliver Business Intelligence projects with cost‑effective, fixed-price implementations, and one all-inclusive monthly subscription that includes support and on-going changes. What’s more, the implementation process has been designed to be low‑pain and fast, so we can deliver an effective, enterprise quality, Business Intelligence and Self‑Serve Reporting project in just a few weeks.

2 Data visualisation

Being able to easily interpret the vital information you need to run your business is essential. There is little point in collecting large volumes of data for it then to be poorly communicated to the people for whom it really matters.

With the rapid rise of information technologies, businesses have increased their demands for high quality performance data. The difficulty comes in finding a way to present this information to employees in a way that is quick and easy to interpret and this is where data visualisation tools can help.

Want to spot trends, identify gaps or communicate visually? Data visualisation lets you do all this through graphs and charts. By making information easily digestible to everyone, data visualisation can foster a quicker, more efficient decision-making process.

3 Report scheduling

With traditional Business Intelligence tools, reporting can often be a difficult and time-consuming task that typically requires the help of IT departments. This can put great strain on IT staff and can lead to bottlenecks occurring in the reporting process.

Cloud BI tools take the hassle out of building reports, requiring significantly less manual effort on the part of the user. This accelerates the whole process and ensures that you receive the actionable insights you need in a timely manner. Many Cloud BI tools such as Matillion also allow you to schedule reports for a specific time or date, thereby guaranteeing that your reports will always be on ready on time.

4 Advanced security

A common misconception about Cloud BI systems is that because the data is on the Cloud, it is less secure, but this is completely untrue. In fact, studies have even proven that attacks are twice as likely to be targeted at on-premise solutions.

Here at Matillion we offer an advanced security system that allows you to control exactly what each user can see. This permits you to share your reports freely with managers, employees and even suppliers or customers. We also understand the need for high security in the Cloud. It is for this reason that we use encryption that exceeds banking standards. Our data centres are SAS Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI accredited.

5 Improved access

Innovations in technology over recent years have completely changed the way in which Business Intelligence information can be viewed, with technology such as smartphones and tablets making it easier to access data anywhere in the world.

Unlike on-premise solutions, Cloud BI tools have been designed from the ground up to be accessed remotely through these devices. This means that users can have up-to-date Business Intelligence tools with them, wherever they are.

Walking the factory floor, at a customer’s premises, at a supplier’s premises, while travelling, users can have access to these tools — instantly, with no fuss, and from whatever mobile device is to hand.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Cloud BI, consider downloading this useful Ebook below.