The 6 star features of Self-Service BI

  • Richard Thelwell
  • May 2, 2014

Before you make the leap into the world of Business Intelligence, it is important that you consider all the systems on offer. Self-Service BI offers many, many great benefits, and in this blog you will learn six of the best things about it.

1. Fast reporting

Gone are the days of waiting for a member of the IT team to get around to building you the report you requested weeks ago. With Self-Service BI, you can easily do it yourself. Furthermore a good Self-Service BI System will also increase the speed of insights, resulting in faster decisions.

2. Cost

One of the great benefits of Self-Service BI is the price, as well as further money that can be saved. With Self-Service BI being available over the Cloud, it can greatly reduce cost as no hardware need be installed. In addition to this saving, specific reporting staff are not needed as end users can report themselves, thereby saving money on personnel.

3. Flexibility

Self-Service BI offers a very flexible solution in that it allows each end user to ask different question in order to answer different queries. “With flexible in-memory acceleration, users are able to create reports and answer questions for themselves, rather than having an IT department create reports for each question/user.”

This becomes more and more vital as the amount of data increases.

4. Scalability

Self-Service BI is scalable, so you only pay for what you use. New users can be added, old users can be taken away. This keeps you from wasting money on licenses you are not using but also allows you to increase your BI activity, should it prove a hit.

5. Productivity

Increased productivity is a key benefit of Self-Service BI. “Self-Service BI tools increase productivity by decreasing longer turnaround times often found when there is a need to go through multiple business departments such as IT operations.”

Previously turnaround times could be delayed due to the people building the report having to wait for other departments to send them their data or their input for the report.

Now with Self-Service BI, users can access all the data they need themselves, freeing up both the time they would waste waiting for the input of others and the time of that other.

6. Efficiency

The increased speed of reporting, combined with the reduced costs, means that your Self-Service BI solution will result in increased efficiency. The cost of getting things done will be reduced greatly with Self-Service BI, thanks to faster and better decisions being made at a reduced cost.

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