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The Barriers To Faster Data Transformation Within The Enterprise [Infographic]

It is no surprise that with the explosion of data, both technical and operational challenges pose obstacles to getting to insights faster. Many enterprises have employed cloud data platforms to help provide the power and scale needed to deal with the varieties and velocity of data sources. But having data in the cloud does not provide insights. For that, you need data transformation.


Cloud data transformation reduces the time it takes to join together siloed data, denormalize it, enrich it, and apply business logic. This puts the data into an analytics-ready state so that businesses can find processes, opportunities, and insights to act on, fueling business growth.

While it seems simple, there are barriers to performing data transformation quickly. It’s a  process that 97 percent of enterprises are actively looking to accelerate with modern solutions. We surveyed 200 IT and data professionals to understand what was holding them back from faster data transformation and what they needed a solution to provide to help them speed up these initiatives.

Results from the 2020 IDG Survey

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