The best places to find the latest in business intelligence news

  • Richard Thelwell
  • February 17, 2016

top places business intelligence newsThe business intelligence industry is constantly evolving. With new vendors, new technologies and new products around every corner, it can be easy to lose track of what’s going on. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sites to help you keep on top of the latest business intelligence news.

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With a name like, there are no prizes for guessing what this site is about.

business intelligence news business intelligence

Sponsored by Domo, this site is an aggregated collection of the latest and greatest content from around the web. It is a one-stop shop for all the latest business intelligence news from leading publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Tech Crunch and The Harvard Business Review. makes it easy to navigate through to the news that is most relevant for you. Use the drop-down categories to find articles relating to your job role and industry.

Furthermore, if you have a specific vendor in mind then you can even search for recent news articles relating to that company.

SmartData Collective

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Smartdata Collective is an online community providing access to the latest business intelligence news, views and insights.

Industry experts from around the globe can publish articles covering a whole spectrum of topics. Posts are moderated by Social Media Today to ensure that only high-quality submissions make it onto the site.

As well as posts from individual contributors, you will also find original, exclusive posts published by the SmartData collective advisory panel.

Got a favourite writer? You can search the ‘featured contributors’ to find more posts from that author.

Computer Weekly

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Computer Weekly is just one of many sites operated by TechTarget. This technology news site has an extensive online following as well as a popular weekly digital magazine that has over 200,000 subscribers.

business intelligence news computer weekly

Computer Weekly has a designated section for all of the latest business intelligence news on its site. Here you can find an array of news articles, opinion pieces, in-depth analyses and video content.

Information Management

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Relaunched in 2009, Information Management is one of the most trusted sources for news, commentary and feature content in the IT and business community.

The content on this site is broken down by topic, and the designated business intelligence news section is frequently replenished with new and insightful articles.

Check out one of their most popular recent posts: ‘Using business analytics to make the most of data in 2016’.

Visit site is a leading source of news and insights for chief information officers around the world.

business intelligence news cio

The business intelligence news section on its site features a range of news stories, research, ‘how-to’ guides, opinion pieces and videos.

On top of that, there is also a range of downloadable content such as eBooks and whitepapers.

Gartner Newsroom

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Gartner is the world’s largest IT research and advisory company. It provides senior IT and business leaders with technology-related insights, helping its clients make better, more informed decisions.

To access the majority of premium Gartner research, you have to become a paid member. However, the Gartner Newsroom is a great place to access some of the high-level findings of its research reports.

Here you will find press releases, research overviews and resources surrounding its research into the business intelligence market.

A recent piece of business intelligence news to come out of Gartner was its prediction that the worldwide BI and analytics market will reach $16.9 Billion in 2016.


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Forrester is another is another research and advisory firm, working with business and technology leaders to drive business growth.

Like Gartner, it provides premium research reports and insights to businesses.

On the Forrester blog, you can find business intelligence news stories and insights from some of the leading Forrester analysts such as Boris Evelson and Martha Bennett.

Matillion blog

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Here at Matillion, we constantly publish high-quality educational material on our business intelligence blog.


BI news, insights, ‘how to’ guides, key concepts, original research and videos… you’ll find all of this and more on our frequently updated blog.

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