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The Inaugural Emerald Awards Are Here, and Open for Submissions!

We love our customers and want to give recognition to some of the great things you are doing with data and with Matillion. The Emerald Awards are your chance to shine. 

We launched the Emerald Awards to celebrate and showcase how our customers use Matillion to change the way they work with data. . Our Emerald Award for Data Innovation award is now open for submissions from Matillion customers, and we want you to share your data stories and successes. What are the Emerald Awards all about? Here’s some information about the awards and how to enter for your chance to win the first-ever Emerald Award for Data Innovation.

Why the name Emerald?

If you know anything about Matillion history, you know that the word  “Emerald” holds a special place in our hearts.  “Emerald” was the project code name for Matillion ETL, our flagship data integration platform. Emerald represents innovation and success – two concepts that also represent the way our customers use our Matillion. 

Who can apply?

If you are a Matillion customer, regardless of industry, you can enter to win this award. Don’t give up your shot! We want to hear about your success!

Why should I apply?

In addition to a very nice trophy, winning an Emerald Award is a great feather in the cap of modern data teams. The Emerald Award showcases the achievements of data modernization with cloud technology and what businesses can accomplish with the right data integration. As a winner, you will get: 

  • Recognition as a leader in data integration
  • Validation of your modern data architecture and cutting-edge data integration strategy
  • Publicity and awareness of your clever, successful, business-critical use case
  • The distinction of being  the first-ever Emerald Award winner 

What do we need? 

Applications are open now. We want to hear how you have made data useful within your organization and how the use of Matillion has helped improve, transform, and elevate data consumption within the business. Share a compelling use case with us that includes quantitative data and metrics that illustrate your success. Leverage your marketing team’s expertise by having them review or help write the submission to ensure you have all the right components in your application. 

Can I review the Terms of Service?

Absolutely. You can find them here

When is the submission deadline?

The awards close on October 26, 2021, so don’t delay! Winners will be announced during this year’s AWS re:Invent conference. You can find a full timeline for the awards process here

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at for more information.

We can’t wait to hear your amazing story!

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