The New Business Intelligence Strategy – Self Service BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • July 8, 2013

The New Business Intelligence Strategy - Self Service BIWhen looking at your business intelligence strategy there are many options to consider with the range of solutions available right now. Self Service BI tops the charts in our opinion and we give our reasons why throughout this blog article.

It’s a view shared by a lot of people, including Tom Pringle – the founder of an independent market analysis house focused on Business Intelligence, who says the annual growth in this market will be over 35% up to 2017 compared to a slowing rate of 16% in the wider BI market.

In a recent article on Information Age he states it is “handing people engaged in the day-to-day decision making of business access to the functionality of BI, helping them to explore, understand and act on their data” whereas previously data would have been managed and owned by IT specialists, therefore changing the business intelligence strategy landscape.

A widely recognised BI thought leader Howard Dresner (@howarddresner) touches upon this in one of latest articles. He mentions that “IT departments have very different priorities than line-of-business users,” and “ease of use and speed of implementation are not top priorities for IT departments.” Because of this the article states there has been a vast increase in demand for self service BI tools.

In a recent interview, Wayne Eckerson (@weckerson) takes a more subjective view on this business intelligence strategy. He indicates that to be successful, users will need to be trained and supported, however the benefits for these users in the long run are substantial, “when they want to look at data in a slightly different way, instead of calling IT and waiting a month for the report, they can call their buddy and he’ll do it for them.”

Another business intelligence thought leader, Morten Middelfart (@dr_morton) had his input to share on this topic on Dataversity. “One of the coolest things about Business Intelligence and Analytics software is that it has applications throughout an organization. Finance can use it, sales can use it, support can use it, engineering can use it…everybody can use it.”

When you consider your business intelligence strategy, whatever it shall be I strongly conclude you should think about Self Service BI.

You can find examples on how some businesses have benefited from Self Service BI in our Free E-Book: Complete Guide to Evaluating and Implementing Business Intelligence.