The quickest route to a Business Intelligence implementation

  • Richard Thelwell
  • December 12, 2014

Business intelligence implementation quickest route If you’re reading this, the odds are good that you’re contemplating an investment in Business Intelligence. That’s not surprising: thanks to the profit-boosting insights that it delivers, Business Intelligence has a high ROI. So naturally, you’ll be wanting the fastest possible business intelligence implementation.

The problem? Traditional ‘on-premise’ Business Intelligence implementations are anything but fast. Think 12-24 months before a single report is run.

Worse, because traditional ‘on-premise’ Business Intelligence implementations take so long, and typically involve a hefty upfront cost in terms of software and hardware acquisition, the ROI ‘hurdle’ that a business intelligence implementation must meet is set higher.

That’s because, with traditional on-premise Business Intelligence, you can’t just experiment with Business Intelligence to see if it delivers: managements want to know, with certainty, that a business intelligence implementation will deliver the goods before pushing the button.

The good news: it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Cloud: delivering faster business intelligence implementation.

You’ve probably heard about Business Intelligence solutions that use the Cloud. Instead of everything being on-site ‘on-premise’, the whole solution is hosted in the Cloud.

But there’s a fundamental difference between Cloud Business Intelligence and on-premise Business Intelligence that you may not be aware of.

Traditional on-premise Business Intelligence is very much a ‘build it yourself’ business intelligence implementation. Your chosen software and hardware companies can help, of course, and can provide business intelligence implementation consultants.

But the bottom line is that it’s your solution, that you own, and which you build.

Cloud Business Intelligence offers a very different kind of business intelligence implementation. Essentially, you’re buying a service—Business Intelligence—from your chosen Cloud Business Intelligence vendor.

Which makes building the Business Intelligence solution and its associated data warehouse their job, not yours.

And guess what? Because that’s their core business, it turns out that they’re pretty slick at it.

Business Intelligence team
With Matillion, a team of BI professionals could have your business intelligence implementation up and running in as little as four to eight weeks.

How slick? Well, a typical implementation of Matillion BI takes from four to eight weeks, from signed order to users being trained. In other words, a Cloud business intelligence implementation is a fast business intelligence implementation.

Self-serve BI: getting results with a business intelligence implementation.

For many companies, a traditional on-premise BI solution can be something of a disappointment.

Yes, they’ve—at last!—got a BI solution implemented and in place. Unfortunately, no one has waved a magic wand and conjured into existence some dedicated programming resource to write the various reports and queries that the solution can produce.

Which means that those reports and queries don’t get written as quickly as required, because the people with the skills to write them—typically IT staff—have other responsibilities, and have consequently become something of a bottleneck.

Which also means that no matter how fast the actual business intelligence implementation, the flow of associated benefits is going to be constrained by the availability of people skilled in writing reports.

The solution? Cloud Business Intelligence, again. That’s because Cloud Business Intelligence is usually ‘self-serve’ Business Intelligence, using ‘point and click’ tools against a pre-built data warehouse, sitting in the Cloud.

The skill level required? Modest in the extreme. If your users have basic spreadsheets skills, that’s more than enough.

Affordable BI: lowering the cost of a business intelligence implementation.

As we’ve said, traditional on-premise business intelligence implementations, because of their longer timescales and greater upfront costs, tend to have to meet a higher projected ROI hurdle before sign-off.

But assuring the Board that the projected ROI will be met takes time, further delaying the project. And quite possibly, that delay becomes deferral—meaning that your hoped-for business intelligence implementation doesn’t happen at all.

Not so with Cloud Business Intelligence. Delivered on a monthly subscription basis for a one off fixed price setup fee, there’s no further hardware or software required: everything you need is in the Cloud, delivered as part of that monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription, what’s more, that is all-inclusive, covering support and on-going changes. Handily, this also means that from the outset, the costs of your business intelligence implementation are generally paid for by the benefits that it delivers.

Business intelligence monthly subscription
All ongoing costs and support associated with your business intelligence implementation will be covered under your monthly subscription

So to the Board, that spells minimal risk—leading to a faster sign-off, and a faster business intelligence implementation.

Your business intelligence implementation: the bottom line.

Roll it all together, and what do we have? A fresh perspective on Cloud Business Intelligence, in short.

Yes, Cloud Business Intelligence is a technology choice, leveraging the Cloud to deliver a powerful, on-demand, off-premise computing paradigm.

But Cloud Business Intelligence is also a business intelligence implementation choice. Fast? Or slow? It’s your decision.

For a comprehensive look into conducting a successful business intelligence implementation, download our complete guide today