The Secret of How Sales Analytics Can Drive Your Business Forward

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 23, 2013

Sales analytics tools can help businessThe-Secret-of-How-Sales-Analytics-Can-Drive-Your-Business-Forwardes in many ways but getting users fully engaged in analysis techniques is how a company can massively benefit from such tools.

The question that is usually pondered upon is how can I get business users engaged?

One key method we believe affects engagement levels is by placing easy to use sale analytics tools in the hands of business users and allow them to self-serve themselves with management information.

This article says “Self-service aims to make the users’ BI experiences more robust and timely” and “particularly attractive to those struggling with business user engagement.”

Additionally, this post on Information Management states by doing this it “pays dividends in terms of users’ productivity increases and clearer decision-making.”

It is widely recognised that when the usage of sales analytics rises through business users there are clear advantages.  One attribute which could create a roadblock in doing this is the level of conflict between IT departments and sales and marketing departments. There are several plans which a business can to counteract this and one is to “get everyone onboard” as this piece describes the one of the biggest ways to avoid a roadblock to BI and sales analytics.

This article on Forbes has a suggestion as the writer acknowledges “getting people to embrace analytics and use them can be ever harder.” It recommends ‘Applying Adoption Management Techniques’.

One approach to ensuring the adoption of sales analytics succeed is by allowing a none IT executive to lead the product. BI thought leader Wayne Eckerson (@weckerson) agrees and says in this blog article “Businesspeople will never view the BI and data warehousing team as a strategic partner if it’s embedded in the IT department. A businessperson should steer the overall strategy and maintain strong relationships with business units and the IT department.” To add to that, this feature exclaims “Analytics is no longer an IT initiative. User‐driven Business Intelligence empowers business users to interactively explore data and derive valuable insights ‐ quickly and easily, with minimal intervention from the IT department.”

Sales analytics can bring fruitful benefits to an organisation, however to be successful they need to be driven from a business user perspective to boost engagement where it matters. With business users.

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