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The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider SaaS BI

The-Top-4-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Consider-SaaS-BIThere are many reasons why the SaaS BI market is gaining momentum right now. As the cloud has evolved, Software-as-a-Service packages have transformed with it and now the once ‘large enterprise commodities’ are now the ‘must have solutions for all businesses.’

In this post we will demonstrate our top four reasons why you should consider SaaS BI when choosing how to execute your business intelligence strategy.

   1. Price

One of the most common justifications when using cloud technologies, SaaS BI is more cost effective than on premise business intelligence solutions. Quite simply a comment in this recent blog post suggested “The affordability of cloud and subscription SaaS pricing are now making BI available to the mid market.” Without the need to purchase hardware and consultancy to complete and maintain a business intelligence tool, as well as the in house resource needed to keep it running, SaaS BI – such as Matillion’s – offer a more affordable option without the need for large up front expenditure.

   2. Multiple systems

When data is placed in multiple locations it is difficult to get a complete picture of your business. As this post explains “Most businesses have critical information siloed away in various locations with no easy way to pull it all together.” SaaS BI is an option that businesses can exploit to quickly tie data together from several systems and present it to business users and executives to find actionable insights.

   3. Productivity

As most successful implementations do, business intelligence systems will improve the productivity of staff. Where SaaS BI is different is the availability of the tool as they are commonly offered in a self-service BI format. This article explains that SaaS “enhances the productivity of data scientists and business decision makers by providing direct access to mounds of data using search interfaces that combine visual analysis tools with traditional search interfaces.”

   4. Speed

Perhaps one of the most important reasons, SaaS BI can offer a fully equipped analytics tool at a faster speed than developing a BI tool in house. When ComputerWorld studied SaaS BI they came to the conclusion that “SaaS BI offers fast, cost-effective analytics. It has an ability to rapidly deliver a standardized suite of analytics tools that give users most of what they need without the time, expense and hassle of developing a BI infrastructure internally.”

So when you come to reviewing your business intelligence strategy, make sure you consider SaaS BI if you want a faster, more cost-effective tool that will boost your staffs productivity in analysis, especially when bringing in data from more than one place.

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