Three Critical Lessons You Can Learn From SaaS BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • October 23, 2013

Three-Critical-Lessons-You-Can-Learn-From-SaaS-BISaaS BI is one of fastest growing segments of the analytics market. Analysts have recently forcasted that over the next four years it will achieve close to 24% CAGR and there are many reasons why the up and coming technology will deliver the results people are after.


There are a number of ways SaaS BI is faster than traditional business intelligence tools. Firstly, SaaS BI implementations are generally delivered in a faster speed than traditional BI. This can be down to a number of reasons including how the cloud enables people to execute ideas faster or down to the fact that BI specialists who have recently worked on dozens of similar projects can apply their knowledge and expertise to any SaaS BI project to reduce the time frame involved.Another way SaaS is faster than traditional tools is how responsive they are to users needs. For example, if something needs changing or modifying to you system. With traditional tools in most cases it would have to go to the end of your IT department’s large bottleneck of tasks –meaning you wont probably ask. With SaaS BI you can have your own dedicated BI expert who could quickly make those changes for you over the phone or email.

Low risk and cost effective

Many SaaS BI providers offer a cost effective option that was not available only a few years ago. Business intelligence options used to only be high cost software and hardware with the expensive recruitment of consultants to build and BI professionals to maintain the system. This has now been turned on its head with the availability of SaaS BI. With no large up fees and short term contracts there is no high risk and large fall outs from this alternative.

No resource needed

As reported by ComputerWorld most organisations considering analytics lack budget and resource for this department, yet it is area of increasing importance. SaaS BI can be an option for those businesses as a fully functional and self service BI tools can be offered within weeks with little or no resource needed from the business involved. This is also true when it comes to maintaining the software as mentioned earlier in the article. With you own team of BI experts working for you at the other end of the phone any help, questions or changes can be made easily and quickly. This has been seen time and time again at Matillion and examples can be found in our case studies section.

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