Tips on How to Use a BI Dashboard for Deeper Sales Analysis

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • November 5, 2013

Tips-on-How-to-Use-a-BI-Dashboard-for-Deeper-Sales-AnalysisWhen performing sales analysis there are multiple approaches that an organisation will take to get the data they need to make business decisions.

The data is commonly spread across many sources and requires collation and formatting to make it useful to the end user. This can often be difficult and can make sales analysis a time consuming activity.

If this sounds like you or your organisation then the next few paragraphs could be the solution you have been looking for.


What is a BI Dashboard?

A BI dashboard is a novel approach that is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for forward thinking organisations like yours to display the information they need in a simple, direct and clear format.

Data is displayed using visualisation methods such as line charts, top 10 summaries, spark line graphs and general data summaries. These provide a detailed, to the point view, showing exactly where a business is performing and where it is not, assisting business users to focus on the data and information that is useful in making better decisions rather than focus on all the surrounding data.

A BI dashboard can assist in sales analysis as it can provide critical information on sales in an easy to understand format and offers the user more actionable results.

Information Automation

Information should be easily accessible and at your fingertips, and with a sales analysis dashboard this is exactly the case. A BI dashboard can be set to get current data and is highly reusable, this meaning dashboards can become autonomous so they are ready for you when needed.

A common choice is to email a dashboard out in PDF format on a scheduled basis so all the user has to do is open the attachment and they have the information at their fingertips on a time scale that suits them rather than the system they are using.


Getting the Right People on the Right Job

As is common in many organisations when attempting to get sales analysis, staff have to collate masses of data, guess through a haze of figures and stress through unintuitive interfaces to try and coax data from systems. However, this isn’t their job. They didn’t sign up to work in the IT department.

With a sales analysis dashboard these people within an organisation can do what they do best, sales analysis. Data is now information and can be used as an asset to the business helping analysts to make decisions today rather than next month.

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