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Top Crowdsourced Features in Matillion ETL 1.50

Matillion tries to be customer obsessed in everything we do – and that includes our product roadmap. To support this, our product team holds regular focus groups with users. They also join our CEO, Matthew, in traveling the world to meet with customers. And our annual Customer Advisory Board meeting brings together as diverse a cross section of the Matillion community as we can muster.


Now with Matillion ETL release 1.50, we’ve taken another big step forward by crowdsourcing our product roadmap – introducing two new features that came straight from the Matillion Community.


That’s because even with all of the traditional feedback channels, we still felt like something was missing in our development process: you. Every day, thousands of data professionals log into Matillion to build the scaffolding that unlocks data within their organizations. We didn’t want to miss out on the amazing energy, ideas, and innovation that you all bring to the process. So earlier this summer, we launched the Ideas Portal in the Matillion Community.


We had no idea what to expect when we opened it, but were immediately blown away by the level of support and feedback from our community. Within just a few short months, you have collectively posted over 150 ideas and issued more than 550 votes that reinforce the priority of these requests.


Best of all, several of these ideas were quick wins that we went to work on right away. Many are already in production, and we’re excited to report that Matillion ETL release 1.50 continues this momentum with several more features based on your requests. Thanks to you, this latest release includes: 


Support for users to change their own passwords without admin support




A new restore button on each deleted job in the recycle bin to allow for a quicker “oops” fix



Thanks to “M-King” and “DataCat”!


We’d like to say a huge “Thank you!” to users “M-King” and “DataCat” for proposing these updates, and to all of the folks who collectively cast votes for them on the portal. These improvements are just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see the ideas you will submit or upvote next! Please head over to the Ideas Portal to get started and help us make Matillion products even better with your suggestions. 


We are so humbled to be on this journey with such an amazing community, as we all push to make the world’s data useful. 


We’ll see you on the forum!