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What’s coming in Matillion BI 6.3…

During January we’ll be upgrading our customers to the new release of Matillion BI, version 6.3. We think you’re going to love it. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at some of the awesome new features and functionality that will be coming in the new version.

Enhanced Dashboard Designer

The new Dashboard Designer in Matillion 6.3 allows you to export and schedule your dashboards, giving you the freedom to export and send your dashboards to multiple users.




In addition, the revamped Dashboard Designer provides new time and date wildcards, text and image hyperlinks, auto-complete for parameters and additional formatting options for dashboards and dashlets.

Powerful Ad Hoc Filtering

You will now have more powerful ways in which to filter your data as Matillion 6.3 allows you to filter by a set amount of top or bottom values.




Personalised Layouts

Matillion 6.3 provides you with new ways to format your reports, by giving you the option to unmerge your crosstab cells.




Beautiful New Chart Enhancements

Stunning new HTML 5 charts include Tree Charts, Semi Pie Charts, Heatmaps. We also provide more formatting options for improved visual control.




Major Performance Boost

Huge performance improvements so that Matillion BI is faster and uses less memory when working with high-cardinality data in Ad Hoc views or reports based on Ad Hoc views.

If you’re an existing customer, you can expect to receive further details of when and how your software will be upgraded during January 2017