Why SaaS BI is all the Rage Right Now

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 16, 2013

SaaS BI or ‘BI as a Service’ has beeWhy SaaS BI all rage right nown talked about for a number of years. Recently it has really started to take shape as cloud advancements have benefited the delivery of this model.

Business Intelligence has historically been seen as slow to deliver and expensive and has received well documented failures. That is all changing now as SaaS BI challenges those views and leads the growth the business intelligence market has seen and will continue to see over the coming years.

A report on Wired by Tom Kemp (@ThomasRKemp) focusing on this area said “More companies are turning to Software as a Service for their business needs” and that “there are various benefits that are associated with this new IT dynamic such as reducing IT costs by outsourcing maintenance and support to the provider.” Not only will SaaS BI reduce the costs of maintenance and support, most vendors will offer the painful implementation and deliver quickly.

Proof of the concept exists as Srinivas Kulkarni (@srinistuff) reports on Cafe Coffee Day’s experience in an article. They state it has a lot of benefits, especially that is “easy to plan, easy to execute in a short while and a more scalable solution”

A way of executing SaaS BI effectively is through the cloud creating another buzz word Cloud BI. A recent study by Howard Dresner (@howarddresner‎) covered by Sand Hill declares 35% of the 1,182 market study participants indicated cloud BI is either ‘critical’ or ‘very important’ in their organizations, with negative views declining. The study also points out that because of the agility of Cloud and SaaS BI “larger organizations will move to cloud BI departmentally because they won’t or can’t wait for IT to serve their needs” meaning that IT needs little involvement or none at all.

With traditional views on Business Intelligence being dictated by IT and upper management SaaS BI challenges this notion and this blog also challenges those traditional views. “IT is tasked with protecting this essential corporate resource (data and information), while the success of traditional development projects depends upon a detailed and complete specification up front. Business Intelligence and reporting requires a different approach and a different mind-set.” SaaS BI can offer this different mind-set and vendors like Matillion have an expert team of developers and implementers who can handle the whole process from start to finish and then also support it.

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