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Diversity & Inclusion at Matillion: The First Six Months

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2020 put DEI into the spotlight in a major way as companies around the world dealt with the reckoning of civil unrest and social justice. At Matillion, we care about our people and the communities in which we operate – which meant making a concerted, formal effort to address DEI in our organization.

So far, we have completed the following initiatives in our company:

  • Created the company’s first anti-racism statement
  • Created  the Matillion Together team, a group of employees that represent different functions and departments and work together to enhance our DEI efforts
  • Hosted an “Understanding institutionalized racism” workshop led by diversity, equity, and inclusion expert Tony Nabors
  • Dedicated a full day’s agenda to DEI speakers and sessions during our week-long super-all-hands company meeting including Mindgym, a performance and training development company, and Dr. Anne Marie Imafidon MBE, keynote speaker, presenter and co-founder of Stemettes. 
  • Trained  executives and people leaders on inclusivity and unconscious bias in hiring
  • Spent 648 hours over the last 12 months on education and awareness to all Matillion team members on inclusion, systemic racism, equity, and equality, among other important topics
  • Partnered with Teem, a global SaaS recruitment company that has a diversity partnership with Blacks on Wall Street (BWS). BWS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to close the professional opportunity gap by providing underrepresented youth with the resources to achieve promising careers. We are working with Teem to ensure we have diverse candidates in our entry-level sales roles. 

While we know we still have more to do, it’s been exciting to get started. Looking to implement DEI initiatives across your organization? There are a few key areas that helped us get to this point and build a foundation for the year ahead. The inclusion journey, created by our People Operations team, and the commitment by our leadership team, has helped us achieve the first D&I victories at Matillion. 

The inclusion journey

Not only do we want to foster inclusion within our current team, but we are also taking steps to make sure that future members of Team Green feel included and have a sense of belonging during every interaction with a member of the team. Matillion is committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse talent across all areas of our team. 

With the goal of promoting and fostering an environment that values diverse talent and is free from all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination, the People Operations team created a quarterly ‘equal opportunities monitoring’ survey as a way to monitor and analyze diversity information and ensures that Matillion processes are fair, accommodating, and transparent.

Leading from the top

We would not be as successful as we have been without unconditional support from our fearless leaders. The leadership at Matillion absolutely leads by example, leaning on our core values and always considering how to continue driving this important process forward. At Matillion, we believe that no person, process, or product is ever finished and our leadership team committed to learning about DEI on an ongoing basis. Our executive team members are invited to attend monthly meetings for Matilion Together and encourage people leaders to free up their time to attend important inclusion activities. 

The next six months

Looking forward, we have a lot of opportunities to continue educating and engaging our team on the Black Lives Matter movement and Women in Technology.

In addition to the inclusion journey webinars and training, we have a book club and resource sharing program that will identify books, podcasts, ted talks, and documentaries that highlight the challenges and opportunities of marginalized groups. We will conduct a gender pay gap and an ethnicity pay gap report this year and efforts of this important initiative start soon.

Our team is committed to growing – not just in size but also in our personal and professional development. And if you are an individual committed to the same, we invite you to take a look at our open roles and join us!

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