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Leadership in the Time of Crisis


In times of crisis and uncertainty, our role as a leader is even more crucial as our people look for support, direction and clarity. Whilst it is impossible to predict the intricacies of each crisis situation the way we behave and the things we must do as a leader are relevant across a whole spectrum of different crisis circumstances. As such, we have put this guide together to support you as a leader in Matillion for whatever may come our way.

We, all of us, will be remembered for how we manage ourselves and lead others through this crisis.

  • How will you, your team, Matillion, our customers connect, persevere, and progress?
  • How will we emerge from this experience collectively stronger?

The difference may well be in our leadership and in our culture…

The Guide

We would like to introduce you to, in times of a crisis:

5 things a leader must BE

5 things a leader must DO




Once you’ve gone through the guide:

      • Review these 5 actions and 5 behaviours inline with your influence as a leader in time of crisis. Ask yourself – what will it look like, sound like, feel like as you deliver on each of those elements for your people, function and our entire business?
      • Work closely with other leaders to ensure we are consistent and sharing best practice across our leadership population.
      • Connect with managers and leaders less experienced than you to ensure they don’t feel overwhelmed with the leadership requirements in these challenging times.
      • Reach out to the People Ops Team for additional support and/or to ask questions around anything discussed in this guide and the pressures we are all under at time of crisis.