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Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace


After a tumultuous year of pandemic anxiety and lockdown loneliness, many workers are still feeling the aftereffects and stress of an unprecedented time. Many companies are taking steps to help combat burnout and imploring employees to put their mental health first.


Helping  employees understand what mental health is and  how to watch for signs of mental health stress is a great first step. But there are various methods of support that companies can take to ensure their employees are prioritizing mental health self-care.


At Matillion, it is important for our team members to feel supported in all aspects of wellness. In  addition to resources, we provided first-of-its-kind training to volunteer employees for Mental Health First Aid. 

Mental Health First Aid at Matillion


Over the course of three weeks in August, 30 members of Team Green became mental health first aiders. First on Scene, a health organization established and run by experienced Ambulance Service Paramedics, led a certification course to equip our team with knowledge and tools to help others. While the training was intense, Joe Farrar, Senior Community Moderator, emphasized “[a] mental health first aider is not there to diagnose someone.” 


The training prepared our teammates to:


  • Recognize signs and symptoms of many common mental health issues
  • Actively listen and feel confident having open conversations about mental health with those who may be suffering
  • Direct anyone with potential mental ill-health to appropriate and reliable support, both within the workplace and externally
  • Be a confident mental health advocate within the workplace
  • Assist with policy writing and risk assessments for mental health


Ange Sidell, a Product Owner at Matillion, remarked on how well the course was structured and designed. “Each area is explored sensitively with regards to conditions, symptoms, and ideas on how to support each one.”  


Now, one  in every 10  Matillioners is a certified mental health first aider. And while there is no shortage of challenges in work life and the world today, we hope providing Matillioners with somewhere to turn when they are struggling can help us all know when and how to take time for ourselves and our mental health. 


To learn more about First on Scene’s Mental Health First Aid training, go here. 

Or learn more about Matillion Culture and how to become a part of Team Green.