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Simplify complex use cases with a modern data productivity platform. Matillion can support all your data integration initiatives with productivity solutions that help your data teams work with simplicity, speed, and scale.


Get data business-ready faster

Overcome the lack of insights caused by data silos with a modern, cloud-native data integration solution. Achieve business outcomes faster by seamlessly integrating all your data into your cloud data platform at speed and scale, without coding.

Reverse etl2
Reverse ETL

Elevate team decision-making

Remove blind spots in day-to-day decisions by loading real-time insights from data analytics into business applications and operational systems. Empower everyone with actionable intelligence.

Data ops2

Streamline data operations

Free up your time by automating more and maintaining less. Automate data pipeline creation, improve data quality, and speed data delivery using high and low code tools that create business-ready data in minutes.

Change data capture2
Change Data Capture

Capture every change as it occurs

Overcome inaccurate analytics and gain complete visibility by continuously capturing all operational data updates and replicating to cloud storage. Maximize data team productivity by creating CDC pipelines in minutes.

Database replication2
Database Replication

Supercharge data resilience

Keep databases in sync and ensure data redundancy with uninterrupted access. Securely and reliably copy database changes as they occur to one or more destinations with low latency.

Western Union

Pavan Yerra
Building that single source of truth is only possible if you bring the right data, from the right sources, and have the confidence that this data is 100% quality-rich.
Pavan Yerra Senior Director | Western Union
  • Single

    source of truth

    for customer insights

  • 100%

    quality rich data

    flowing seamlessly into Snowflake

  • Consistently accurate data from day 1 onwards

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