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Streamline data integration with Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud

Unlock 500 usage credits for free, allowing you to run up to 3,000 unique pipeline executions. Integrate data from any source today!

Universal Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate data from any source, with one of Matillion’s hundreds of pre-built connectors, or your own custom connector.

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A single platform to build pipelines and deliver data at unlimited scale

Matillion makes data work more productive by empowering coders and non-coders alike to move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines, faster. Easily scale users and projects; with clear pricing that only charges you for what you use.

Move, transform and orchestrate quickly and easily with instant deployment

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    Move data easily to and from any source or cloud data platform

    Use our library of hundreds of connectors (or easily build your own) and load data faster to meet growing business demands.

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    Build pipelines and perform ELT without the need to code

    Harness all your data and perform complex transformations quickly and easily for use in analytics, using our visual, low-code designer.

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    Simplify and scale the orchestration of data pipelines

    Automate, schedule, and see all of your data pipelines – from no-code to SQL, python, and dbt – all through a single pane of glass.

Trusted by the world’s best data teams

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