Purpose-built for cloud data warehouses

Modern businesses seeking a competitive advantage must harness their data to gain better business insights. Matillion enables your data journey by extracting, migrating and transforming your data in the cloud allowing you to gain new insights and make better business decisions.

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Transform your data quickly to gain meaningful insights into your business.

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Load data into your cloud data warehouse with ease.

Easy integration

With over 70 pre-built connectors to popular data sources, Matillion makes it simple for businesses to bring data from many different sources into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake in a matter of clicks.


Supporting & enabling your data journey

Matillion extracts your data, loads it into your cloud data warehouse,
then uses the power and flexibility of the cloud to transform your data into
meaningful business insights.

From startups to large enterprises

Matillion serves customers across a variety of industries and sizes. Customers choose Matillion products because they are easier to use, have quicker time to value, are purpose-built for the cloud, and offer greater value than alternative ETL approaches. We are proud to partner with our many customers. Click on the logos below to read case studies from a selection of our delighted Matillion customers.

Data teams love Matillion


By leveraging the efficiency and scalability of Matillion ETL, TUI can now deliver more data insights to the business faster.

When replacing antiquated legacy systems, DocuSign selected Matillion and reduced the runtime of select ETL processes by over 75%.

With Matillion, Travis Perkins is able to ingest data at the pace the business demands, keeping the momentum of the organization moving forward.

Experience the power of the cloud

Matillion enables companies to achieve new levels of:


Intuitive UI and approach to data transformation makes complex tasks simple


Fast time to value, from launch to develop to production


Built to take advantage of the power and features of Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.


Pay as you go with no long-term commitments.

Begin your data journey

Matillion provides simple, powerful, easy to use data integration and ETL products that enable your company's data journey.