Modern analytics made easy with cloud-native ETL platform

Businesses that fail to capture data and transform it into timely and valuable information will struggle to stay competitive and viable. Matillion helps agile enterprises convert raw data into actionable, analytics-ready data in the cloud in minutes for new insights and better business decisions.

Matillion Data Loader

Load virtually any data from any source into the cloud with ease

Matillion ETL

Comprehensive cloud data integration and transformation platform for modern data teams


From ETL to ELT - The Next Generation of Data Integration Success

Download your free copy to learn how ELT technology has unleashed unprecedented speed and capability—and discover what it can do for your business.

Supporting & enabling your data journey

Matillion extracts your data, loads it into your cloud data warehouse (CDW), then uses the power and flexibility of your CDW or Delta Lake to transform your data into meaningful business insights.

Transform your organization through data

Businesses choose Matillion to help them harness the power of their most valuable asset - their data

Easy to Use

Leverage low-code/no-code data integration and transformation to unlock efficiency and productivity

Built for the Cloud

Maximize performance using native push-down integration for leading cloud data platforms

Built for Enterprise

Built from the ground up with enterprise scalability, security, and data management in mind

Transformative Value

Deliver rapid results and value on cloud and data investments across the enterprise

Universal connectivity

Leverage Matillion’s extensive inventory of pre-built, out-of-the-box connectors for most popular applications and databases; download free connectors created by users in our Community; or create new custom connectors in minutes.

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Data teams love Matillion


By leveraging the efficiency and scalability of Matillion ETL, TUI can now deliver more data insights to the business faster.


When replacing antiquated legacy systems, DocuSign selected Matillion and reduced the runtime of select ETL processes by over 75%.


With Matillion, Travis Perkins is able to ingest data at the pace the business demands, keeping the momentum of the organization moving forward.


Begin your data journey

Matillion provides simple, powerful, easy to use data integration and ETL products that enable your company's data journey.