Build pipelines faster with the Data Productivity Cloud

Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is the productivity platform for data teams, specifically designed to accelerate data delivery.


Deliver more data, faster

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Modernize your ETL process to speed data transformation

DPC Move2

Move data easily, no matter where it lives, with or without coding.

  • Batch Loading: Automate data pipelines effortlessly, handling schema drift and table selection without coding.
  • Change Data Capture: Replicate databases changes as they occur with log-based data capture, without impacting database performance.
  • Connector Library: Access 150+ connectors for popular sources or connect to other databases using a JDBC driver.
  • Custom Connector: Seamlessly connect any application using a no-code open REST API.
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Transform 2

Build pipelines and perform ELT while harnessing the full power of your data platform

  • Designer: Simplify complex coding tasks, configure data loading, and create intricate transformations with our intuitive ELT tool.
  • Component Library: Manipulate data easily using pre-built transformations, staging, models, REST connectors, and third-party tool components.
  • Sampling & Testing: Quickly explore, prototype, and develop data products with real-time indicators and debugging features for efficient deployment.
  • Collaboration: Scale team efforts with GIT and versioning, collaborate on shared jobs, and share advanced logic seamlessly.
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DPC Orchestrate2

Automate, scale, and simplify the orchestration of pipelines

  • Business Logic: Unify pipeline steps and manage extraction, loading, transformation, and diverse code and technologies like dbt and data science notebooks.
  • Pipeline Observability: Monitor and diagnose pipelines in real-time, with one-click access to task logs and environment status.
  • Scheduling: Automate and schedule data pipelines flexibly based on custom parameters.
  • DataOps: Integrate with tools like GitHub and existing DevOps procedures for efficient workflows and end-to-end data flow support.
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features & functionality

About the platform

Matillion simplifies and automates data movement, allowing you to bridge the skills gap for data transformation, and handle the complexity of pipeline orchestration at scale.

Performance Unlimited Performance

Process concurrent tasks at lightning speeds and huge scale using containerized agents.

Umlimited users Unlimited Users

Remove the limitations of paying per user and empower everyone to build data pipelines, at any time.

Unlimited projects Unlimited Projects

Have all your projects in one place and collaborate with colleagues through integration with Git.

Reliable scale Reliability at Scale

Experience 99.9% uptime through our fault-tolerant agent model and paired cloud data centers.

Security lock Optional Hybrid Deployment

Optional hybrid-SaaS deployment architectures available for customers needing to meet the strictest security requirements.

Pricing meter Transparent Pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing that is metered by agents running per hour, giving you the flexibility to run tasks faster with more agents, while paying the same.
Data Productivity Cloud

Quick and easy set up

Use the Matillion SaaS platform to deploy instantly and start moving, transforming and orchestrating your data within minutes. 

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DPC Lightspeed2
Lightspeed Engine

Powered by PipelineOS

A truly cloud-native approach, our unique stateless microservices agents can run in full SaaS or hybrid-SaaS mode, so you can let massive amounts of agents work in parallel to process faster, or use fewer agents for a longer time if you want to take things slower.

Connect Your Sources Logos

Use pre-built data connectors or create your own with just a few clicks

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Built for cloud data platforms

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Speed, performance, and scalability of Snowflake with native integration of key features and functions.

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Reliability, governance, and performance, combined with the openness, flexibility, and AI/ML support of a lakehouse.

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Amazon Redshift

Maximize the performance, cost, and scalability of your Amazon Redshift deployment.

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Logo synapse analytics

Microsoft Azure Synapse

Build out an entire data analytics platform with Azure Synapse and take full advantage of the cloud.

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Google bigquery icon

Google BigQuery

Take advantage of BigQuery’s ease of use and accelerate insights with Matillion’s low-code/no-code data integration platform.

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