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Matillion for Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery provides data analysts with a scalable, simple, and efficient cloud data platform. Matillion enables increased productivity and more meaningful insights with BigQuery.

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Get the most out of Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery has been optimized for ease of use so you can focus on data analytics. Matillion for BigQuery has best practices and additional BigQuery specific functionality baked-in to help you accelerate insights by spending less time on data preparation and more time on data exploration. 

Optimized for Google BigQuery

  • Support for semi-structured data including flatten Structs (nested fields) and Arrays (repeated fields)
  • Alerting and notifications using GCP Pub/Sub

Transform data to insights

  • Perform powerful transformations to prepare your data for consumption by data analytic tools
  • Write your transformed data back out to BigQuery so it is available to your authorized data users

Easy to purchase and deploy

  • Consolidate billing on your GCP account
  • Works with your existing infrastructure for simple and scalable integration for BigQuery

Featured success stories

We need to have a tool like Matillion which will allow us to ingest this data at the rate and the pace the business is growing and demanding these new capabilities.
Steve Taberner Head of BI | Travis Perkins
  • 40TB+

    Rows of data

    Migrated to Google BigQuery

  • £250K


    On third-party tools

  • Now

    Instead of 6 months

    For answers

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Now we can gain insights across multiple systems. Previously, that had to be done manually by certain people with specific expertise. With BigQuery, Matillion and Google Data Studio, those systems are brought together so that anyone can run an analysis and make decisions off the back of it.
Greg Page Co-Founder and CMO | Inspire Digital
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Get the most out of your cloud investment with Matillion Data Productivity Cloud for Google BigQuery

Designed for Google BigQuery

  • Integrates with Google BigQuery specific functionality and best practices
  • Simplifies payment with consolidated billing on your GCP account

Cloud Native

  • Streamline data ingestion, integration, and transformation with extensive automation and orchestration
  • Take advantage of the speed, scale, extensibility, and performance of the cloud

Give your teams the platform to be more productive with Google BigQuery

Data engineer

For Data Engineers

Get Google BigQuery data business-ready faster

  • Connect to any data source
  • Spend less time maintaining code
  • Easily create ELT data pipelines
  • Have more time for new projects
  • Integrate, transform & deliver data faster
  • Native Google BigQuery functionality
Data architect

For Data Architects

Modernize your data platform

  • Create and manage batch and CDC
  • Simplify your data stack
  • Leverage Google BigQuery scalability, reliability, and performance
  • Move, transform, and orchestrate data with speed at scale
Data analyst

For Data Analysts

Get to insights faster

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Self-service data loading from any source
  • No more waiting for and wrangling data
  • Massive speed and agility
  • Getting data business ready faster
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See how you can quickly connect and integrate data from all your data sources on your Google BigQuery cloud data platform and perform powerful transformations to deliver value to your business.

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Your data integration journey to the cloud starts with Matillion and Google BigQuery

As a modern data-driven organization, your business understands the value of a cloud data warehouse. Google BigQuery offers the speed, performance, and scalability required to handle the exponential growth in data volumes that you are experiencing. With Matillion, you can build out an entire data analytics platform, with BigQuery at the center, that takes full advantage of the power and economics of the cloud.

Optimizing Big Query

Optimizing Google BigQuery

Our FREE eBook includes valuable insights and step-by-step details to help you make the most of your BigQuery data warehouse so that you can get smarter about your business.

Universal connectivity

Connect with virtually any data source and quickly build data pipelines to ingest data into your Google BigQuery cloud data platform. You can leverage Matillion's extensive inventory of pre-built, out of the box connectors for most popular applications and databases, download free connectors created by Matillion users from our Community, or create new custom connectors within minutes.

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