Move data easily, to and from any source with or without coding

Unlike other data movement tools, Matillion truly removes the pain and time costs of pipeline creation by making it easier to connect and move data between your sources and cloud data platforms. 

Productivity Benefits

Streamline painful manual processes

like custom coding, through automated, wizard-like tools.

Simplify complex database replication

through parallel processing and log-based methodologies.

Connect and migrate data faster

to speed up the creation of new pipelines for data projects.

Use Matillion for

Extract load

Batch data loading

Quickly ingest and integrate data from modern and traditional data sources.
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CDC data loading

Change Data Capture data loading

Use log-based data loading to capture every data change without missing a beat.
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Connector Library

Connector Library

Tap into a library of 150+ connectors for popular sources like SAP, Workday and Salesforce.
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Custom Connector

Custom Connector

Connect any application using a no-code open REST API without complex Python scripting.
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Move Batchloading

Batch loading, supercharged

Stop maintaining hard-coded pipelines and start quickly ingesting data from modern and traditional sources into your cloud data warehouse.

  • Robust pipelines

    Build robust pipelines in minutes

    Simply provide your data source and destination, then set the frequency of your batch runs with drag and drop tools.

  • Extract

    Load data from popular and custom sources

    Quickly integrate new sources using an extensive inventory of hundreds of pre-built, out-of-the-box data connectors.
  • Diagnose

    Simplify diagnoses and fixes

    See all pipelines in one place to easily diagnose issues and trigger activities across other technologies in your ecosystem to simplify fixes.


Never miss a beat with Change Data Capture

Use log-based change data capture (CDC) to capture every change event as it occurs, with no impact to database or end-user performance.

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  • Icon empower

    Set up CDC pipelines without coding

    Deliver accurate, up-to-date data for analysis by creating and managing CDC pipelines in just a few simple steps.

  • Audit history

    Provide a complete audit history

    Maintain an immutable data history for audit while enabling data scientists and modelers to use it immediately.
  • Extract securely

    Extract data securely, in the cloud or on-premises

    Securely extract data using a containerized agent deployed in your private cloud or on-premises environment.

Connect Your Sources Logos

Connect your core sources instantly

Tap into a library of 150+ connectors for popular sources like SAP, Workday and Salesforce.

Build custom connectors without hassle

Connect any application using a no-code open REST API and no complex Python scripting.

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Effortlessly connect to any application

Use a no-code open REST API that removes the need to script complicated Python functions.

Quickly utilize more data sources

Connect virtually any data source in just minutes using Matillion’s visual Designer.

Manage custom connectors easily

Manage all pipelines and custom connections through seamless integration with the Matillion Hub.

Data Productivity Cloud

Matillion handles complexity to help you focus on value

  • Get data to and from your cloud data platform faster
  • Avoid always-on and costly data tools
  • Automatically adapt to schema changes and propagate them to the destination
  • Stop unnecessary hand coding of data pipelines
  • Cut out the need to manage execution of data transfer
  • Reliability at scale with 99.9% uptime
Move Lightspeed

Matillion Agents load data at the scale and speed you need

A truly cloud-native approach to data movement and transformation. Our unique stateless microservices agents can run in full SaaS or hybrid-SaaS mode. You can let massive amounts of agents work in parallel to process faster, or use fewer agents for a longer time if you want to take things slower.

Built for your cloud data platform

Matillion seamlessly integrates with several popular cloud data platforms to make data movement easier also offering unique reverse ETL capabilities, bidirectional data flows and syncing with your critical operational systems.

Logo snowflake


Speed, performance, and scalability of Snowflake with native integration of key features and functions.

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Logo databricks


Reliability, governance, and performance, combined with the openness, flexibility, and AI/ML support of a lakehouse.

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Icon amazon redshift 2

Amazon Redshift

Maximize the performance, cost, and scalability of your Amazon Redshift deployment.

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Logo synapse analytics

Microsoft Azure Synapse

Build out an entire data analytics platform with Azure Synapse and take full advantage of the cloud.

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Google bigquery icon

Google BigQuery

Take advantage of BigQuery’s ease of use and accelerate insights with Matillion’s low-code/no-code data integration platform.

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Simple, scalable pricing.

Pay-as-you-go pricing that is metered by agents running per hour, giving you the flexibility to run tasks faster with more agents, or slower using fewer agents, while paying the same. 

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Testimonial Illustration
Overall the solution has helped bring about a 95% reduction in time required to make new insights available downstream.
Matt Belo Senior Data Engineer | Engage3 Learn more