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Limitless Data Ingestion with Universal Connectivity - Now in Matillion Data Loader

Universal Connectivity is better than ever

Universal Connectivity extends its reach to the entire Matillion Data Productivity Cloud, offering the powerful capability to connect to an application's data sources in minutes without writing a single line of code.   

No data is out of reach

The average organization uses 212 SaaS applications internally (BetterCloud, 2021), and a great portion of these apps contain crucial data that powers business-critical decisions on a daily basis. Often, that data is only attainable through manual, time-consuming methods such as file exports and hand-written Python functions. With the introduction of Universal Connectivity to Matillion Data Loader, you are no longer limited by a set number of data sources, instead empowered to connect to every application in your organization.    Whether your business relies on complex internal applications boasting multiple sources of data, or you simply need to connect to a single niche API endpoint, Universal Connectivity has the capabilities required to ease the connection process, and get your data moving faster than ever before. The process doesn’t stop at the connection either – with various customization options, your new data pipelines can be built exactly how you need them, bringing over only the data you need, formatted the way you need it.   While other data ingestion platforms claim they provide a beneficial solution for connecting to nonnative data sources, they are really only providing about 5% of the work required. However, Universal Connectivity follows Matillion Data Loader’s wizard-driven approach to data ingestion, with providing a simple clickthrough process for creating a connection with any REST API without writing a single line of code.   With Universal Connectivity, organizations no longer need to focus on hiring data team members with extensive Python or Java coding skills to obtain their important data. Now, data ingestion from internal applications can be set up immeasurably faster, proving a speed to insight that was never possible before.

Universal Connectivity is now live in Matillion Data Loader, to get started, create a free trial and connect your data, wherever it lives, today! 

Hear from our Product Manager, Charlee Norton, and see Universal Connectivity in action!  

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado