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See how Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud’s feature set helps you build and manage all your data pipelines, with the ability to load data from any source, transform your data with or without coding, and integrate with your cloud data platform.

Matillion hub and architecture

Matillion’s architecture lends itself to centralized data pipeline management, with streamlined pipeline workflows and security built right in.

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Dynamically scale with Matillion’s PipelineOS, the operating system for your pipelines. Distribute individual pipeline tasks across multiple stateless containers to match the data workload and only allocate resources that are necessary.

High availability

Keep Matillion running, even if components temporarily fail, by configuring High Availability Matillion clustered instances — or use Matillion’s full SaaS Data Productivity Cloud and let us worry about the reliability and fail-over.


Ensure data security and compliance with audit logging, multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access control, SSO support, and permissions based on groups and users, and much more.
Community 1


Collaborate with other Matillion users and share best practices in our dynamic user community. Find custom connectors, dbt packages, JDBC drivers, shared jobs with reusable templates of pipelines, and more in Matillion Exchange.

Multi-plane architecture

Easily manage tasks across multiple tenants, including access control, provisioning, and system maintenance.
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Extract and load

Get started faster with flexible high-code and no-code tools that allow you to load data into your cloud data warehouse, including hundreds of pre-built connectors. 

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Batch Data Loading

Batch loading

Ingest data into your cloud data warehouse in just minutes. Define your data source and destination and set the frequency of batch runs using pre-built or custom data connectors.

Change Data Capture Loading (CDC)

Maintain data integrity by capturing change events in real time, with no impact to performance. Set up CDC pipelines with no coding required, maintain a complete audit history, and securely extract data. You can even load data directly from Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud into Snowflake.

Flex connectors

Connect data faster with hundreds of pre-configured custom connectors to meet your specific needs. Flex Connectors are built based on a customer’s request for a connector that is not yet in our library and can be delivered in days.

Custom connector

Use a simple wizard based approach to quickly build and manage custom connectors to any data source using a no-code REST API and a visual Designer—no complex scripting required.

Matillion's Reverse ETL

Enrich data in the Cloud Data Platform with Matillion and push that data back to your operational systems.

Native data platform integration

Accelerate adoption of your cloud data platform with native integrations to Snowflake, Databricks, AWS, and more. Use your data platform’s storage and processing capabilities with Matillion’s data loading, transformation, and pipeline management.
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Perform complex data transformations more efficiently with Matillion’s cloud-native engine designed to simplify and speed up complex data transformations, with or without coding.

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SQL Pushdown

Native SQL pushdown

Matillion is purpose-built for each respective data platform, so it generates native SQL to Snowflake, Databricks, and other CDPs while leveraging each platform for improved performance and processing.

Git integraton

Collaborate more efficiently with Git, which allows you to push transformations throughout your data products and manage version control from within Matillion.

Shared pipelines

Save time and use a library of prebuilt transformations and orchestrations. Bundle entire pipelines into a single custom component, which can be shared with anyone in your organization or pushed public.

dbt integration

Streamline and manage transformation workflows with dbt core transformations executed within Matillion’s PipelineOS, with no other needed infrastructure. Orchestrate both low-code and high-code techniques together with best-in-class data loading.
Scheduling 1


Automate and schedule data pipelines based on custom parameters. Schedules allow you to run pipelines at set times, even periodically, with a choice of environment.

Multi-language coding IDE

Create custom transformations quickly and without errors with our high-code SQL IDE that automatically checks all SQL statements for you.
Python Pushdown 100

Pushdown Python via Snowpark

Reduce pipeline bottlenecks and enable faster data processing by executing Python scripts directly within your Snowflake account using the Snowpark service.
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Incorporate AI into your processes to supercharge your data engineering efforts. By augmenting your team’s work with AI, you can handle complex, unstructured data in new ways that boost your team’s productivity.

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Matillion Copilot

Use Matillion Copilot to turn plain language prompts into ELT pipelines, even for the most complex transformations. Note: This is coming soon to preview.

LLM Pipelines

With Matillion's innovative AI prompt component, you can take advantage of Large Language Model (LLMs) in your pipelines to build data pipelines that can handle all types of data, including unstructured data.
Auto Documentation


Enhance collaboration with Auto-Documentation to annotate your data pipelines, providing pipeline literacy and context to your data team.

RAG support

Enrich LLMs with your enterprise data that goes beyond built-in training data, and get more personalized, accurate responses from AI using Retrieval Augmented Generation capabilities by including your data into the vector data stores.
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Pipeline orchestration and automation

Streamline data pipeline management with centralized monitoring tools, automation of key tasks, and unification of pipeline processes.


Matillion lineage

Optimize data pipelines, troubleshoot more efficiently, and ensure data quality with the ability to trace data from its source to its target. See how data is transformed in pipelines without needing to dig into the pipelines themselves.

Matillion API

Set up flexible integrations for data quality, governance, or orchestration using our RESTful API. Build Matilion into all your DataOps and DevOps processes using our open APIs.

Databricks run notebooks

Unify role-based access control (RBAC) across all Databricks workspaces and let multi-skilled teams collaborate on notebook orchestration from within Matillion.

Metadata integrations with catalogs

Integrate with top data catalogs such as Collibra and Alation.
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Simple, flexible, and predictable data integration pricing

Matillion scales with your business needs - so does our pricing model. By enabling unlimited users, environments and scale, Matillion enables you to pay for what you need, whether it’s for a single use case or your entire data organization.


  • Move, Transform and Orchestrate pipelines
  • Matillion hosted deployment
  • No-code custom connectors


  • All in Basic, plus:
  • Unlimited users
  • Project-level permissions


  • All in Advanced, plus:
  • Hybrid cloud deployment
  • CDC Pipelines
  • Option to include Mission Critical Support or Mission Critical Support Plus