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Matillion Certifications

Matillion Certifications

Become an accredited Matillion expert by leveraging your Matillion skills.


Matillion Data Productivity Cloud Foundations Certification

This foundational certification will highlight your expertise at handling the key processes and core practical tasks within the Data Productivity Cloud, distinguishing you as a leader within the data community.

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Associate certification

Matillion Associate Certification

With this foundational certification, you will set yourself apart by demonstrating that you have gained the required expertise to handle the core activities within Matillion ETL.

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Practitioner certification

Matillion Practitioner Certification

With this next level certification, you will demonstrate your expertise at answering real-life problems using Matillion ETL and proficiency in applying Matillion ETL best practices.

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I decided to get certified with Matillion so that we can demonstrate our knowledge, competency and capability with the tool. It's a great way to have a very quick, easy reference, a show to the outside world, that look we know what we're talking about
Chris Hastie Data Practice Lead | Interworks
I got certified at Matillion so I could prove that I'm an expert, and also it kind of was a study skill to go through all the questions and kind of learn, know what you don't know so you can go back and relearn everything.
Paul Narup Senior Consultant | One Six
It's a big help to have something definitive, to point to to help clients feel comfortable that we're the experts and we can help them implement their data pipelines using best practices with Matillion.
Keyle Keough Manager of Data Strategy | All Cloud
Cert Partners

Participating in Matillion exams

Matillion has partnered with Kryterion, a global leader in testing, to take full advantage of their innovative technologies and services. All Matillion exams are invigilated online, which provides candidates with complete flexibility to participate in our exams at their convenience, using their own Microsoft Windows PC or Mac devices.

Matillion credentials are managed on Credly, our trusted digital credentials platform and home to the largest and most-connected digital credential network.

Certification badges

Receiving your Badge and Certification

You will receive your digital credential from Credly the moment you pass your Matillion exam. Share your new verified skills with your personal and professional network.

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