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Simplify and scale the orchestration of data pipelines

Automate, schedule and keep track of all your data jobs through a single pane of glass.

Transform Prod Bens

Productivity Benefits

Improve visibility

across distributed ecosystems by using a visual interface to see all pipelines clearly through a single pane.

Unify fragmented data tools

with the ability to bring tools, processes and code together in one place.

Remove the complexity of fixing issues

with the ability to trigger automatic activities to solve them across your ecosystem.

Increase the ability to scale

through better transparency, collaboration, cost management and quality control.


Keep track of all your data work through a single pane of glass

Keep track of it all: from move and transform jobs to external machine learning notebooks, dbt jobs, delta live tables, lambda function and more.

Powerful pipeline observability

Providing an up-to-date overview of the status of all running work, including the metadata and task logs, so you’ll never miss an update.

Stay in control at all times

Stay in control by observing activities, alleviating issues and reacting quickly when problems are exposed.

Make sure you can manage all data work

Matillion works with all your code and technologies (Python, Notebooks, dbt, SQL, Matillion Jobs)

Key features

Orchestrate pipelines with Matillion

Data transformation Build sophisticated business logic

Use logic that controls pipelines across the full data journey–inside and outside of the Matillion ecosystem.

Fast delivery Collaborate easily across multiple projects

Collaborate across multiple projects with Git integration and unlimited users across a single instance.

Data sampling Monitor all activity

Use the Matillion Hub for real-time synchronization of your pipelines and quickly diagnose and address problems with single-click access to the Matillion task log.

Test debug Superpower your scheduling

Effortlessly schedule data pipelines based on various parameters, including time-based triggers, event-based triggers, API calls, or new data availability.

Sql 1 Improve DataOps

Seamlessly integrate with GitHub and your existing DevOps to support data flows across the application lifecycle, spanning development, testing, and production stages.

Git Connect your current tools

Connect your external data ops, data governance, or monitoring solution to the Matillion Designer and automate full Matillion pipelines through API.

Community share Integrate Databricks Run Notebooks

Unify role-based access control (RBAC) across all Databricks workspaces and let multi-skilled teams collaborate on notebook orchestration from within Matillion. 

Transform Lightspeed

Cloud-native engine built for the speed of light

A truly cloud-native approach to data movement and transformation. Our unique stateless microservices agents can run in full SaaS or hybrid-SaaS mode. You can let massive amounts of agents work in parallel to process faster, or use fewer agents for a longer time if you want to take things slower.

Simple, scalable pricing.

Pay-as-you-go pricing that is metered by agents running per hour, giving you the flexibility to run tasks faster with more agents, or slower using fewer agents, while paying the same. 

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Use pre-built data connectors or create your own with just a few clicks

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Matillion enables our team to provide meaningful data insights quickly. And, because it’s built for modern cloud data warehouses, we can use native Snowflake functionality to transform our data
Tim McDonough Manager, Business Intelligence | Cisco Learn more