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Be more productive with your data in the cloud

Matillion supports your entire data journey, helping you integrate all your data to the cloud and get it business-ready, and to the hands of the business, faster and at scale.

Data productivity solutions that accelerate the time value of your data

With over 1,200 customers from companies of all sizes and industries, Matillion Data Productivity Cloud has the right solution to fit your needs.

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    Solutions by cloud data platform

    Built from the ground-up to jumpstart your analytics with the cloud data platform that best fits your business.
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    Solutions by use case

    Simplify complex use cases with a modern data productivity platform.
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    Solutions by industry

    Cloud-native data integration platform ideally suited for modern data environments of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses.
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Built for your cloud data platform

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Speed, performance, and scalability of Snowflake with native integration of key features and functions.

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Reliability, governance, and performance, combined with the openness, flexibility, and AI/ML support of a lakehouse.

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Amazon Redshift

Maximize the performance, cost, and scalability of your Amazon Redshift deployment.

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Microsoft Azure Synapse

Build out an entire data analytics platform with Azure Synapse and take full advantage of the cloud.

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Google BigQuery

Take advantage of BigQuery’s ease of use and accelerate insights with Matillion’s low-code/no-code data integration platform.

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Give yourself and your business the edge you can only get from maximizing the value of your data.

Matillion delivers what you need to be more productive with data – faster onboarding, ease of use, faster time to value, and the flexibility and the scalability to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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Building that single source of truth is only possible if you bring the right data, from the right sources, and have the confidence that this data is 100% quality-rich.
Pavan Yerra Senior Director | Western Union Learn More

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