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Learn how Matillion helps businesses across industries, from startups to large enterprises, effectively integrate and transform data.

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Building that single source of truth is only possible if you bring the right data, from the right sources, and have the confidence that this data is 100% quality-rich
Pavan Yerra Senior Director | Western Union
For anybody in this space, Matillion is a breath of fresh air given legacy solutions. Businesses could see a significant acceleration of projects, ETL performance, and reduction in operating expenses.
Rob Parker Senior Director of Business Intelligence | Docusign
Getting data to a point is cool but transforming it and having business impact, thats the star and I think Matillion does that beautifully, better than any other tool.
Hoshang Chenoy Marketing Intelligence Scientist | Cisco Meraki

Success stories

Learn how Matillion has helped companies leverage their data to drive productivity, profits and innovation.
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LSEG sought a single ETL solution to handle their vast data needs effectively. An overwhelming amount of data, and multiple ...
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The company, known for its imaging and diagnostics products, decided to shift from a bare-metal IT setup to a modern, ...
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Every member of the [Adaptavist] data team now uses Matillion in their POC’s, and the demand for Data as a Product has ...
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A migration to the Matillion platform provided scalability to adapt to changing business needs and alignment with Yext’s ...
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Acquiring companies to meet research administration’s need for a comprehensive solution that serves the full grant lifecycle ...
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The IT Department at Groupe Legault had many different tools and systems extracting customer data. To continue delighting ...
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Multiple data platforms, vendors and tool-sets was creating barriers in getting data into a business-ready format and ...
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For a 170 year old company servicing over 1.2bn customers, the data team at Western Union needed a platform to connect the ...
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Building out a client model that encompassed all of their data-sources, and then figuring out how to use that data to solve ...
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The data team at Juniper Networks wanted to increase efficiency in servicing their internal and external customers with ...
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In the fast-paced, revenue-driven world of real-estate finance, the small data team at Lima One needed to implement a solution ...
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Based in Riyadh and Dubai, Intigral is the region’s leading provider of digital entertainment, sports, and media services via ...
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