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Faster data empowering business users to delight customers

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The IT Department at Groupe Legault had many different tools and systems extracting customer data. To continue delighting customers with personalized services and offerings, they needed to simplify that stream to unlock vital insights. 


Matillion is used to clean and pre-analyze data before it is brought into their Snowflake environment. Being able to connect through APIs simplified processes 


  • One single platform to manage data replacing multiple disparate tools.
  • Simplified data processes through API connectors.
  • The ease of use, maintenance and upskilling times in Matillion ensures efficient transfer of responsibilities in periods of team growth.
  • Business teams reduced data processing time by up to 4 days per project.
  • Enabling the business to move faster and be more informed with the use of data. 
Matillion has helped the business teams focus on their core mission, which is delivering better service and customer engagement. Melanie St-Martin Vice-President Information Technologies| Groupe Legault