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Multiple data platforms, vendors and tool-sets was creating barriers in getting data into a business-ready format and hindering the ability to use data effectively at EDF in the UK.


Over a period of 12 months, EDF UK streamlined its data platforms, stripping out anything that did not contribute to their strategic outcome. Matillion brings data from various sources and models it on the Snowflake platform, where it is provisioned to numerous data services such as data science products, regulatory reporting, operational reporting, and downstream system feeds. 


  • Delivery time for data science products reduced by 75%.
  • Enabling teams with high and low/no coding abilities to manipulate data and use it to make business impact. 
  • Streamlined data processes that allow deeper transparency and traceability. 
Matillion gives high productivity and high performance allowing us to deliver data science products at a much greater speed. Alex Read Director of Data Platforms| EDF UK