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How Your Data Teams Can Do More With Marketing Analytics

Are you staring at your marketing data, perhaps feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin? You know there's valuable information there, but navigating the complexities of data integration, costly bottlenecks, and an unending stream of data requests can be a daunting challenge. That's where Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud (DPC) comes in, providing a solution that simplifies marketing analysis, empowers modern data teams, and accelerates marketing performance. This blog showcases with a real customer story how you can turn your marketing data into actionable insights and drive success for your business with Matillion. 

What Is Marketing Analytics All About? 

Marketing analytics is crucial for organizations to optimize their marketing strategies, enhance customer engagement, and drive business growth. By leveraging data transformation capabilities, Matillion’s DPC enables businesses to centralize and integrate their marketing data from various sources, empowering them to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. Transforming data to optimize marketing strategies is critical. Matillion’s DPC provides the necessary tools and capabilities to centralize and transform marketing data, enabling businesses to unlock valuable insights and drive successful marketing campaigns. By centralizing data sources, cleansing and transforming data, incorporating third-party data, and automating data workflows, marketers can leverage Matillion’s DPC to harness the power of marketing analytics and achieve remarkable results.

Challenges Faced in Modern Marketing Analytics 

  1. Complex Data Integration: With the proliferation of marketing channels and platforms, businesses face the challenge of managing and analyzing vast amounts of data to derive meaningful insights. Traditional data management approaches often fall short in handling the volume, variety, and velocity of marketing data. As a result, marketers struggle to consolidate and transform data into a format that allows for effective analysis and reporting.
  2. Costly Bottlenecks and Delayed Insights: The marketing analysis process frequently encounters bottlenecks that result in costly delays. These bottlenecks can stem from resource-intensive data transformation processes, causing marketing insights to reach decision-makers later than desired.
  3. Overwhelming Data Requests: Data engineers find themselves swamped with requests, putting pressure on them to meet the high demand for marketing data. This influx of requests creates a bottleneck within the team, slowing down data delivery and affecting the team's efficiency and agility.


Matillions Impact on Modern Data Teams

  • Simplify the intricate task of data integration by seamlessly ingesting and transforming data from a multitude of sources, including CRMs, social media platforms, and marketing automation tools, all without the need for coding. This streamlining ensures that critical data reaches your Customer Data Platform (CDP) effortlessly, empowering both coders and non-coders within your data team.
  • Matillion's platform is designed for intelligent scalability. With flexible and transparent pricing, it efficiently meets the evolving data demands of growing marketing teams. This scalability is not only about accommodating growth but also about effectively managing costs, ensuring that your team can expand without causing budgetary concerns.
  • The user-friendly interface of Matillion is a catalyst for expediting marketing data delivery. By simplifying complex data work, it enables your teams to work more efficiently, leading to faster, data-driven decisions. This user-friendly approach promotes agility, responsiveness, and, ultimately, improved marketing performance.

Customer Highlight

A Leading Software Company Levels Up Marketing Campaigns with Matillion

A leading provider of email creation software faced challenges in optimizing their marketing campaigns and measuring their return on investment (ROI). They turned to Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud to transform their marketing data and gain actionable insights. 

Using Matillion, this software provider successfully automated their data integrations and transformations, saving significant time and resources. By consolidating data from multiple sources, such as Google Analytics and Salesforce, the company achieved a single sourceof truth for marketing analytics. This centralized view allowed their marketing team to analyze campaign performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. 

With Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud, this software company improved its marketing analytics capabilities and gained agility and insight for highly optimized campaigns. By transforming their marketing data, the team ensured data accuracy and enabled a comprehensive analysis of their marketing efforts. This newfound ability to measure and analyze their marketing activities resulted in increased ROI and enhanced overall marketing effectiveness.


Matillion significantly contributes to achieving these objectives by simplifying data integration, ensuring intelligent scalability, and enhancing data processing efficiency. In summary, Matillion empowers modern data teams to conquer marketing analysis challenges, embrace real-time analytics, deliver personalized brand experiences, and maintain agility.

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Niamh Sedgwick
Niamh Sedgwick

Product Marketing Coordinator

Niamh Sedgwick is a Product Marketing Coordinator at Matillion. Niamh is responsible for meticulously planning, executing and evaluating the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns, whilst also serving as a content strategist and analyst. She ensures the team’s organization in Asana to optimize workflow efficiency.