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Matillion for Manufacturing

Streamline operations, identify key customers and suppliers, and drive innovation by unifying data for insights.

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Key Benefits

Supercharge operations for profitable growth with business-ready data faster with Matillion

Enhance operational potential and fuel profitable growth by harnessing Matillion’s agile data transformation expertise.

Extract small Increase supply chain visibility

Combine inventory, supplier capacity, and demand data to gain a unified view of the supply chain and prevent stockouts.

People small Accelerate Industry 4.0

Collect and transform data from sensors, IoT devices, transportation/telematics, and machine logs for valuable insights and to fuel predictive AI models.

Data ops small2 Drive manufacturing efficiencies

Leverage data to better understand issues in the production line, including machine downtime, defects, skills issues, and more.

ETL ELT small Improve marketing analytics

Identify your best customers and suppliers to offer higher levels of service. Gain insight to the reasons that drive customer and partner behavior.

Unlimited projects Monetize your data

Deliver sensor, telematics, and IoT data as new subscription-based analytics services to customers, partners and suppliers.
The data productivity cloud

Deliver more data, faster

Integrate all your data with Matillion Data Productivity Cloud

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Customer Stories

For anybody in this space, Matillion is a breath of fresh air given legacy solutions. Businesses could see a significant acceleration of projects, ETL performance, and reduction in operating expenses.
ROB PARKER Senior Director of Business Intelligence | DocuSign
I genuinely believe T is in the ETL process is where Matillion scores. The Transformation part. Getting data to a point is cool, but then transforming it and then having business impact, that's the star.
HOSHANG CHENOY Principal Marketing Intelligence Scientist | Cisco Meraki
Building that single source of truth is only possible if you bring the right data, from the right sources, and have the confidence that this data is 100% quality-rich.
PAVAN YERRA Senior Director | Western Union

Specifically designed to make all data work productive

Matillion is the productivity platform for data teams, making data work more productive by empowering the entire data team — coders and non-coders alike — to move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines, faster.

  • Sync

    Improved productivity

    Code-optional platform for a wide range of abilities with a wizard-like interface that all users can understand and drive analysis for new innovations and create new subscription services.

  • Time wasted

    Faster insight

    Get business insights faster by unlocking the data bottleneck to explore new data sources, uncover insights and deliver reports faster.

  • Database warehouse

    Business-ready data

    Empower your data team to deliver quality data to the business faster at a speed and scale that matches the business’s data ambitions.