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The data team at Juniper Networks wanted to increase efficiency in servicing their internal and external customers with Enterprise scale AI and Intelligent solutions. They needed a robust ETL platform that could connect and integrate with over 40 different source systems.


Juniper has a single platform where their data lake, data warehousing and Snowflake data warehouse is managed. Matillion is used to onboard data into this environment ready for it to be used in business applications. 


  • Ingesting 100MN records per hour, 2.7BN per day.
  • From hundreds of jobs in production, the error rate is now less than 1%.
  • Saving up to 70% of the data team’s time. 
  • Time saved can be utilized in engineering new business solutions. 
  • Team members have the data they need to understand customer needs more appropriately and improve overall efficiency.
Matillion gives high productivity and high performance. It’s more beneficial for our customers as well. Suman Shanthakumar Senior Data Warehouse Architect| Juniper Networks