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Empowering a small but mighty data team at Lima One Capital

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In the fast-paced, revenue-driven world of real-estate finance, the small data team at Lima One needed to implement a solution that would allow governed access to sensitive data to drive business growth.


Matillion cleans, formats, and restructures data creating one cohesive data model before loading to the Lima One data warehouse.


  • Total data automation provides the ability to enforce data governance throughout the entire company.
  • One source of truth that all departments rely on.
  • Quickly implementing new data sources.
  • Effectively servicing a daily stream of data requests from across the business.
  • Huge time-savings for a small data team of 4 people.
We have solely relied on Matillion. It is more or less doing the work of an entire data department. Diana Pilzer Data Engineer| Lima One Capital