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Driving EDF's Data Evolution

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Streamlined critical downstream processes

Empowered Data Science, Data Analysis, Marketing, and Self-Serve capabilities

Centralized data assets enabling scalable, high-performance data management


EDF faced the challenge of accelerating data demand. Their data teams were under pressure to do more, faster, with limited resources. Data integration was time-consuming, and data scientists struggled to access the data they needed.


Adopting a "less is more" tech strategy, EDF migrated from legacy systems to Matillion with Snowflake in just 12 months. Rewriting hundreds of jobs to transform them into a unified system serving Data Warehousing, Feeds, Regulatory compliance, and Analytics. Leveraging Matillion quickly upskilled their teams, making their data business-ready faster.


  • Seamlessly transitioning to Matillion for Snowflake, increased speed to production. The ability to work across all data layers made the migration efficient and reliable.
  • Streamlining downstream processes- Matillion's simple architecture, coupled with its long-term vision to remove platform management, resulted in efficient and hassle-free data processing. EDF's data teams could now focus on their core tasks rather than managing complex integrations.
  • Data scientists benefited from Matillion's quick speed to production, accessing data faster and performing advanced analyses. Data analysts found Matillion user-friendly, making it easier to generate insights and reports.