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Reduced pipeline development time by 15%- rapidly adapting to evolving business needs.

Ensured cost-efficiency in their data operations

Created 300 new pipelines used in multiple different business teams


Intercorp struggled with vast data volumes and multiple users needing insights from various applications. Requiring standardization of data transformation tools to democratize data access whilst addressing integration, standardization, security, and data quality challenges.


Using Matillion allowed the capability of BigQuery and its low-code capabilities, reducing the learning curve for their data engineers. An innovative Operating Model was developed which seamlessly met stringent security requirements, integrating SSL certificates, AD authentication and Secret Manager. 


  • 30+ data engineers now utilize Matillion daily across 9 instances, including a Hub deployment.
  • Over 300 pipelines have been developed, transforming 1TB of data daily, benefiting 7 different companies.
  • Remarkable outcomes include a 10% reduction in production incidents, a 15% decrease in pipeline development time, all while maintaining their tech budget.