Matillion Associate Certification

Become an accredited Matillion expert by demonstrating strong core competency in Matillion ETL.

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Become a Matillion Certified Associate

The Matillion Associate Certification provides professionals with a recognized accreditation that proves they have mastered extracting, migrating and transforming data in the cloud using Matillion ETL.

With this certification, you will set yourself apart by demonstrating that you have gained the required expertise to handle the core activities within Matillion ETL.

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Who should take the Matillion Associate Certification?

The certification is technology-agnostic and the following role profiles would benefit the most from becoming a Matillion Certified Associate:
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    Data Engineers
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    ETL/ELT Developers
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    Data Analysts
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    Solution & Data Architects
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Exam Content

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Key Information

  • Number of Questions: 35
  • Examination Format: Multiple Choice
  • Passing Score: 28
  • Time Limit: 60 minute
  • Language: English
  • Registration Fee: USD 100
  • Exam Delivery Method: Online Proctored
  • Certificate Issued: Matillion Associate Certification
  • Certificate Validity: Valid for 3 years
Terms and conditions
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Preparing for the Matillion Associate Certification

Please review the Exam Content and complete the course entitled ‘Building a Data Warehouse using Matillion’ from the Matillion Academy. Matillion Academy provides the latest training materials to develop your data skills and learn about the latest ETL practices.

Frequently asked questions

No, there are no prerequisites required before attempting the exam.

The exam costs $100 USD + VAT per attempt. If you are using a voucher to book your exam, you will utilize one voucher per attempt.

Click here for a detailed view of the specific topics and content that will form part of the exam.

You can attempt as many times as you wish and the full exam fee applies for each attempt.

No, the certificate is technology-agnostic. The exam questions refer to features and functionalities that are the same regardless of cloud data technologies.

Please take a look at our dedicated FAQs document here.

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